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33 minutes ago, Songster01 said:

A sad but necessary step.

Perhaps, but also extremely irritating. Locally, we had our infection rates down to almost nothing and I believe we could have held the competition safely, at the end of August. It was seven months in, people knew what they needed to do. Labour Day comes along and it was like the whole city let their guard down. And now this is the result. 


That was Ottawa's pandemic IQ test, and we bloody well failed. I'm feeling extremely uncharitable towards my fellow citizens at the moment. This current spread is not something that can be laid on government failures.  All our major spreader events in the city for the past month have been caused by mildly symptomatic people ignoring the recommendation to isolate and going to private events such as weddings, and then not masking or distancing. There's no excuse for that whatsoever. It's just pure selfishness. 

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2 hours ago, Umebachi said:

Do you think there is any chance that SCI will reassign 2021 Grant Prix to Ottawa?  On the other hand, if they assign it to Vancouver it will be very convenient for me...

I honestly don't know. 

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