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Yuri! On Ice Discussion thread

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I can't believe there is actually a thread devoted to YoI here - what a wonderful planet!


[anime vs reality]

It's impossible to re-create figure skating 100% into animation. At best we have 50%, like in the first episode when Victor skated to Aria: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare (Stay Close to Me).

BUT what makes YoI so special (and endearing) is its stance - this is a world where no one will get discriminated or bashed because of love. Way to go, The Great Ladies!

And I appreciate how difficult it is to present a jump in animation, all the more so after I started watching Yuzuru's performance on youtube.

I know about the scoring "glitches" but I can accept it as a "poetic" mistake.


To Hydro's questions:


*My favourite character will always be Yuri Katsuki. He's 3D in every sense except for his physical form.

*Second runner-up is Yurio. The Great Ladies seem to put him as the third lead but can't give him more "air-time" because of length constraints. As the second season is close to a done deal, I hope Yurio will have his own storyline as I really want to see how he grows as a skater and a young man. And PLEASE put back that Ex (not just in DVD/BR) and give us the FULL VERSION of Stay Close to Me 2.0!!!

*Victor's turn from god to human is interesting but I'm not as emotionally related to him as to Yuri. Still, his soulmate-ship with Yuri is the best part of YoI so he's my third fav chara.

*I also like Phichit and Otabek. They are like angel guardian to Yuri and Yurio.

*Though I don't particularly like JJ, I find his SP music hilarious - "I can rule the world, JJ, just follow me..." lol

*The voice artists did a wonderful job, esp. Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuri), Junichi Suwabe (Victor) and Kōki Uchiyama (Yurio).


*I guess my favourite YoI scene will always be Yuri and Victor skating to Stay Close to Me in parallel, and Yuri attempting 4F during CoC (plus monologue).


*The kiss is real (of course!!), and The Great Ladies have given more than enough hints to their physical intimacy.

*Makkachin will not die, as he has to be the ring-bearer in the wedding of Victor and Yuri:D


Sry for the long post :pbow:

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Really? I'm the opposite, I'm really used to listening to Suwabe-san voicing flirtatious guys (and btw, have you ever heard him voicing bl dramas? *shy*)


Back to YOI, I think they will be releasing a movie soon? I kind of lost track of things when the series ended.


I know that he has played a decent amount of ikemen, but I can't remember when he last used this particular voice range he used for viktor. It's flirty but very grounded, and not the shallow on-the-surface gentle swooning flirtatious range I usually see with otome-focused series (if that makes sense orz) I guess I haven't seen all of him before

(funnily enough, I've listened to quite a few drama cds, but mostly ones translated otherwise I'm clueless about what I'm hearing. so I actually haven't really got an idea what Be-san could sound like when doing karami lmaoo :rofl2:

perhaps I could save checking him out as an option for a rainy day) :rofl2:


And yes, there will be one for YoI. No other news has been confirmed, no date for it has been released, so I'm not quite sure when it will happen, but it WILL happen and that's a fact


IMHO Victor Nikiforov is one of the masterpieces of Suwabe-san.

He uses a different voice for Victor, distinct from, say, Worick Arcangelo in GANSTA.(another one of my fav anime) - the cheesiness is gone. It's a younger voice with the "innocence" of someone looking for Life and Love.

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OmNom said:
^^ wow that is awesome. and I'm getting shivers all over again from the beautiful piano :sadPooh: Someone seriously needs to make an exhibition out of it!!


Also, I think I can't be the only one feeling similar vibes from Viktor and Stephane right?? I know Viktor's key visuals are inspired by someone else (whose name I forgot but he has the cool silver hair we see Viktor rocks and the little smirk we've all seen), but when it comes to his mannerism/presence/habits/fashion, all I can see is Lambiel overload. The little finger on the chin, sassy hand on hips, awesome branded coats, even the double ID passes he wears on his neck for him and his student. And they both have this unique aura around them, almost untouchable by commoners, that is ironically quite similar to one another :grin:

I'd be beyond myself if I could see Lambiel skate to anything from YoI one day. If he actually skates to Viktor's routine.. urgh consider me deceased by then :s_hang


You are not alone!

And it's US actor John Cameron Mitchell that has inspired Kubo-sensei:p

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Puniyo said:
xeyra said:
Also, Otabek got robbed.


Not only was he robbed, but he basically had no screen time. I thought he was supposed to be another extremely talented skater with very distinctive programs but ended up being more of a filler character.


Blame the length constraints. Yurio's Ex got chopped, too (but "recovered" in DVD/BR).

Judging from the authorised/official YoI art that has been looping since #12, Otabek is likely to be the fourth member of the Victor-Yuri household, after Yurio. Hope this means he will have a more complete story arc in Season 2, now considered an almost done deal.

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Why does Victor go to Yuri in the first place?

When he watches Yuri's video, his face is expressionless. It is the face of an artist judging another artist.

He goes to Yuri at a time when he's yearning for a breakthrough. As Yurio tells Yuri when they train together in the Ice Castle, Victor wants to surprise the world but he's running out of ideas. "No matter what he does, the audience are hardly surprised now."

At that particular point of time (watching Yuri on social media), he sees Yuri as a (possible) muse, a fresh stimulus, and a purpose. In short, a way out. He may also see Yuri as a "testing ground" to his theory (that one can win a competition w/o a quad) (lol).

It never occurs to me that when Victor "dumps" Yakov for Yuri, he means to r**** from figure skating. It's exactly because he wants to go on that he decides to go to Japan.

Of course the banquet has a part to play. But the secret seed of love has yet to be fully blossomed until some time later.

To me, figure skating is always important to Victor, and he certainly loves the sport. Only, Yuri has become increasingly important to him over time, so much so that he doesn't want to separate from Yuri anymore (nice assist from Makkachin). At the end of Season 1, figure skating and Yuri are Victor's Life and Love.

My humble two cents.


P.S. I believe when The Great Ladies work on the story of YoI, they have eyed on a timeline that goes beyond Season 1, whether there will be a sequel or not.

P.P.S. My only reservation is HOW exactly is Victor gonna pull it off - it seems quite impossible to make a comeback and coach Yuri at the same time.

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I also have this strong belief that Yuri and Victor will compete on the same rink ONCE AGAIN, this time when Yuri has become more accomplished and confident. I just tell from my experience as a movie-manga-anime viewer :pbow:

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I prolly watched 2-3 eps then noped out. Haha.. I was hoping it was something more of a sports shonen type anime where they explain the sport while highlighting relationships as well. Something like Hikaru no Go for example - Go as a sport isn't the most exciting or easy to understand, but the way they presented it made it interesting and informative. I am glad though that it ushered in new fans for figure skating.


Exactly my thoughts! I do see why people love YOI, but for me I was looking for something more related to the sports itself (like haikyuu, ace of diamond...man, even as ridiculous as kuroko's basketball) than romance.


If there is a season two, I hope we can see some quintuple jumps! :yay:


Hello from DnA and Haikyuu fan!!

True, YoI is not what I think, but it brings sth different to the table. The story is not so much about the sport itself but the growth of the characters who are skaters. The research is meticulous and the characters and plot are well built (except for the technical part as pointed out by skating fans). The music is excellent. But what makes YoI special is it dares to celebrate LGBT (if you like). At the end of the day, I am touched by the soulmate-ship of Victor and Yuri. And I got to know Yuzuru, the biggest bonus of watching YoI!

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YOI chat!! So cool! I hope, if season 2 is happening, to see more of Yurio - Otabek shipping (my fav couple). :s_wink


I don't ship Otabek and Yurio but I like them both and Otabek is my fav character in YOI. :)


And he does DJ'ing in his free time and he drives Harley when he's on the road and he certainly knows how to dress:D

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^^ haha the fact that stephane is on a first name basis with viktor is hilarious to me xD they look like an extra pair of bffs ready to show their sass at all times xD


I like Yurio a lot, but I'm biased bc I am originally a seiyuu nerd (which got me into anime in the first place, which got me into YoI and now I'm here) :s_tongue and I'm a HUGE fan of Yurio's seiyuu - Uchiyama Kouki. Ironically his work in YoI actually isn't my favourite among those in his repertoire (imho he could sound a bit one-note sometimes :s_sad ) but I still really the tone of his voice and a lot of characters he's played in the past


About the programmes themselves, I'm very excited about the music for both of Otabek's programmes. Yurio's FS is very good too (I'm a sucker for classical music). One I found quite underrated is Emil's FS. Love the techno theme and melody of the piece.


I'm so used to Uchiyama playing Tsukishima Kei in Haikyuu I need to "re-tune" a little bit when I watch Yurio lol

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Hydroblade said:
OOOOOH BOY. SEIYUU NERD. You make me feel old guys, i am a faithful follower of the goddess Megumi Hayashibara lol. And i have a lot of favorite seiyuus, too many to list here hahahaha.

And yes, a movie is being released soon.

And i was a massive nerd with disposable cash so as soon as the preorders for viktor and yuuri nendos were open i oredered them (literally one hour after preorders opened) I am waiting for Yurio nendoroid. There's something about him i really really like :) and i identified with Yuuri with the whole "idk what im doing with my life". Been there.

The thing i like the most about it is the animation and the music omgomgomgomgomg i could gush about the animation for days, and the music is amazing <3


My fav is Takahiro Sakurai. I also like Suwabe-san, Daisuke Namikawa and Kaito Ishikawa :pbow:

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