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Congratulations,  Yuzu to you and your spouse!!!


And also,


HOW did he keep it secret?!! When every tabloid in Japan would kill for such a scoop,  how did he keep this under wraps? Talk about ninja skills....


Well done!



I am so pleased for him, that he's found this particular kind of happiness in life. It doesn't come to everybody and those who find it are very lucky indeed. 



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Hi everyone! Haven't been on the forum for ages but I HAD to sign in and congratulate our dear Yuzu for this fantastic news!!


Congratulations angel, to you and your spouse❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳!! You deserve a lifetime of happiness.

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yesterday or two days ago while quickly scrolling on twitter i saw at the corner of my eye something about yuzu soon revealing a secret in an upcoming tv program i think,and my very first thought was that he was going to announce he's getting married.....ehehehe it seems that after so many years following his career i've come to know him a bit...


CONGRATULATIONS YUZU !!!!! May your marriage be long and prosperous,and above all,very very happy and full of love ! :loveshower::loveshower::loveshower:

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37 minutes ago, SuzyQ said:

The news has spread throughout the Japanese archipelago, and the world in an instant :panic:

He is a professional in staying under the radar as to his private. Really impressed.

Wasn't it only last week, someone was joking that the way we fans would find out if Yuzu got married was when Brian casually mentions coaching his kids sometime ten years from now?


At least we got an official announcement 😅

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OMG :tumblr_inline_n18qr5AMus1qid2nw:what a news, congratuations! I just shed a few happy tears, so pleased for him and the wife, AND totally impressed with going under the radar skills :tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg: Wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness :tumblr_inline_nhkezsTB3v1qid2nw:

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I am so happy that he is so loved... his official post is now at 15.8M views, with 167.5K likes.

I hope he feels all the love in the world, now not only from his fans/supporters, but also from his wife. So, so happy for him :heart:

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Congratulations, Yuzu and wife!!! How strange that sounds.... lol. 


But, really, boy has been very busy lately!!!!! All his pro stuff, skating tours AND a serious relationship ( but really, when you know, you KNOW so why wait?). I swear he either moves fast or has some serious time traveling skills. 


Wish them all the happiness they can get from this world!! 


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OMG So sudden I'm. Shocked. Congrats Yuzuru! Although I personally don't believe in marriage but that's not any of your concern, I wish you a happy life together with your mistery partner!! :hihi:

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