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Really healthy buds, looking to bloom very soon. The nemophila is already blooming. It will be a spectacular display of spring in bloom when the YuzuSakura blossoms. Good luck little tree you carry many hopes and good wishes for a beautiful spring time.

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I have been away and would like to thank fellow satellites for the contents (including translated ones) shared here. Yuzu’s beautiful disaster commemoration of 3.11 is an emotional time for him and the people from Tohoku region, part of a long-term healing and recovery journey. He emitted beams of hope to not only the surviviors of the 3.11 Disaster, but also to all who are following his pro-athlete career. Him reminding us to be grateful of each day while we are still breathing, loving and cherishing ourselves, our dreams and those whom we love - this is the man fans/supporters have grown to know, love, respect and admire beyond his graceful, elegant yet powerful figure skating. For me, all is well except for…



the inclusion of a competing skater who had greatly benefited from the dubious scoring system during the last quad (see my observation in next paragraph). I see him continuing to milk from the scoring system for as long as he stays as an amateur skater.


In the last quad, FS being a sport, the spotlight is naturally on Yuzu and the preferred quad jumping skaters. Post 2018 PC Oly, we have seen how the PCS had been tied to their TES. That is, any mistakes (genuine or picked on by judges) will result in lowered TES and PCS (esp true for Yuzu) and conversely, no mistakes (genuine or ignored by judges) confirm top PCS.


On the other hand, away from the intense scrutiny, Oly champ’s compatriot (who’s better known for his artistry among US skaters ) had his PCS miraculously decoupled from his TES, allowing him to  quietly enjoy consistently higher PCS in both SP and FP routines over the past four years. It was a very successful campaign as his PCS hit the same league as top athletic skaters doing consistent multiple quads by the time 2022 Oly approached. This was achieved without jumping quads and happened in a more intense and competitive quad environment than the 2018 Oly (where Adam Rippon, another non-quad skater finished 10th individually), ultimately enabling him to have a better finish at 6th (just behind Yuzu n Junhwan) in the Beijing Oly. In fact, (SP n FP) PCS of both one-dimensional US skaters’ occupied top first and second position.


Among the current competing skaters, his high PCS from last quad stands him a good chance to be on the podium if the multi-quads contending medalists make mistakes while he skates clean non-quad programs in the upcoming 2023 World Championship. Think Plushenko vs Lysacek.  The US artistry narrative takes over/becomes more important post 2022 Oly while their fave athletic skaters grow their PCS.


Playing safe, abandoning quad jumps (he tried 4S n 4T but couldn’t land cleanly in comps) for non-quad routines to feed the narrative of US artistry, to me, such actions don’t speak highly of an elite athlete.


On the contrary, I welcome and respect skaters that continue to persevere and pursue their own quad dreams eg. conquering certain  quad jump or certain number of quad jumps, despite knowing that mistakes will affect their scores, affect their chances on the podium.  Over the course of a season/several seasons, there’s a sense of satisfaction/inspiration to see an athlete challenging himself, his initial struggles and him eventually overcoming them. For me, sport mirrors life. I believe that’s how he can grow on you. Hence, besides Yuzu, I have great respect for such athletes/skaters, esp those from smaller feds like Keegan Messing and Michal Brezina and enjoy their less than perfect routines in comps.


For the record, I was excited to watch his FP skating to Schindler's List because I love this piece of music. But it wasn’t working for me when I realised my attention drifted away from his performance and I was focusing on the music instead. With this experience, I’ve come to realise that in quad-era compettions,  I expect to see quad routines and if I want to watch non-quad performances, I catch them at gala exhibitions or ice shows (pre Yuzu athlete-pro era). But now, I'm most keen to watch Yuzu's solo ice shows. 


Considering the fact that he’s popular with satellites here, I held back to share my thoughts. But the need to de-clutter my mind grows, so I thank you for hearing me out.


Note: If it is inappropriate for my post to be here, please let me know.


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19 hours ago, Anni said:

Rika chose Yuzu's Seimei from GPF 2015 in her playlist:heartpound:



The page can also be opened with VPN.


I'm surprised that version of SEIMEI is picked TBH. PC's SEIMEI is the best he could have skated it as a competitive program, interpretation-wise and performance-wise. Technically SEIMEI of 2015 was better for obvious reasons (he simply had more normally functional feet at the time). As a whole PC's Seimei reflected the best what SLB and Yuzu tried to convey. 


Choreographically speaking the more he skated to it after PC the better the program becomes (I passed out watching it again at that MOI and most recently at GIFT). To each their own, I suppose. 


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Mika Nakashima will be at FAOI. I'm ever thankful to have her back at all, let alone seeing her in an ice show. 


Yuzu performing to Find the way or Yuki no hana, mayhaps? 


PS: I do wonder who else are going to be invited to FaOI. Surely it can't just be two? 


PPS: Can they invite Krage or Aimer please? At least for the first leg? 

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