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Hello all! It's been a while since I've posted on a forum so I'm hoping I'm doing this correctly, but this site is such a delight, I'm not sure how I would be able to get my fill of Yuzuru's skating without it. I was really into figure skating for a bit quite a few years ago but then completely lost interest, and then watching a Yuzuru program dragged me back in. I like a few of the current skaters too, but it's impossible to find someone as complete and intense as him. I hope he keeps skating and we get to all keep seeing him make art on ice :)

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11 hours ago, Yuzuwinnie said:



:wave:  France : I haven't received anything  :shrug: but : "everything comes just in time to whoever knows how to wait" and I suspected that a package from Japan would not go through the French post office 


Here is an anthology of ALL Yuzu costumes from 2000/2022 and the first 2 are a discovery :2thumbsup: :wink_star:  




Thank you for this video, I'd never seen it before. Baby mushroom hair Yuzuru is always a delight and it's fun to see that while the costumes have gotten sleek and professional, the sparkliness was always a constant.

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I see we all got our Prologue goods shipping invoices. Finally!!


I only got a notice for my Prologue book though... my other items are nowhere to be seen? 



They're still awaiting arrival.in the warehouse. Ay caramba, what did we do to WorldShipping? 🤣

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10 hours ago, MsKamap said:

And how does do the reply thing where you take the item you're replying to with you in the post you make?

Press the "+ Quote" button at the bottom of the post you want to reply to, or select the section of text using your mouse and click the "quote" button that pops up

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8 hours ago, ZuCritter said:

I live in a rather remote part of North Carolina, USA. For me, the shipper is DHL and the cost is roughly 3900 yen (about $33 USD).

That's not too bad, I  was charged just under 5000 yen, plus when it arrives, the local FeeHL depot will charge me another $20 'customs and handling fee'. Spoiler alert : customs will be about $2.00 CAD so it's really just FeeHL price-gouging

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translation (google translate)

As some of you may have already noticed... The photo published in "Hanyu Yuzuru, the driving force of the leap" was displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence In the exhibition titled, it is posted as a work that leads to the artistry of Mr. Hokusai Katsushika. I also received a photo from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The exhibition is open until July 16th

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4 hours ago, meowmeownyan said:

If you don’t mind, what is the volume weight? That isn’t very expensive!

My hoodie (Black, one piece, M) was shipped in the box shown in the twitter update by WS. I used a forwarding service, on the website it shows 916 grams; 37 × 28 × 10 cm. So the weight/size will probably be the same?  

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