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Ok, I feel better... and excited for whatever he's gonna do next. It may be true that we will hear and see him more often now as a pro skater :)

and please, do a World Tour, pleaseee

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3 minutes ago, Perelandra said:

The 4A cannot be ratified outside of ISU competition which is a shame


At least ISU will be missing the income stream.


Yuzu does not need ISU's recognition as the figure skating nowadays is no longer the figure skating that Yuzu loves (he has said something like that in this press con). ISU and the judges stop evaluating Yuzu's skating long ago so screw them. He doesn't need their false record or recognition now. People will see what is the truth.

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5 minutes ago, Whoopiewoop said:


True, but that's a wake up call for them to change things. They have been relying too much on the money Yuzu brought in and only focused on promoting their favourite ones. They need better marketing and PR, and that is on them. 


They can start by arranging comps in accessible and diverse locations, and not demanding a fortune for tickets. So far, no such luck except for Estonia and the UK, but even those are too expensive for certain folk like me. Things are not going to get better in the near future for many people, economy-wise, so food for thought for the ISU if they want audience at their events.

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2 minutes ago, Whoopiewoop said:



Now this is what worries me a bit on the other hand. Little funding means less support for the skaters and I don't want to see them struggling more than they already are. 

Similar to what ISU should do, it's time for JSF to learn how to operate as a federation and not relying on one person which they do not know how to appreciate. 

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I’m allowing myself to be sad and angry, not angry at Yuzu but at people who destroyed and continue to destroy the beauty of this sport. I’m now overall happy that he didn’t “retire.” He’s continuing to skate his ideal skating without the pressures of meeting ISU’s foolish scoring. I’m so happy to have witnessed his growth, his pains, his resilience over the years and so excited at his new plans! 

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This is the end of an era and a very sad day for figure skating as a sport. I have so many (conflicting) feelings right now but as I watched Yuzu at the press conference and saw that he looked relieved that he made his decision, at this moment it is what matters. 


What a privilige it was to live in the same era as him and be able to follow his competitive career and watch his beautiful skating and programs. Thank you Yuzu for everything.:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:


I hope he will live a happy post-competitive life and that he stays healthy. I will continue to follow his skating and can't wait to see what his future plans will be.


Guys, hugs to you all :grouphug:

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Now that Yuzu has announced his professional career, JSF will no longer be able to forward letters and gifts sent to JSF for Yuzu


Satellites, we will need to investigate how to send support messages etc to Yuzu, unless he is finally going to have some kind of management company that will do this for him. In the past I was using the forwarding service provided by JSF, as this is available for active competitive skaters, although I have no idea how effective this service was for actually delivering said gift boxes

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20 minutes ago, BWOZWaltz said:

He's giving ISU an ultimatum finally. He is not going to care about ISU rule change any more as that will have nothing to do with his ideal skating, Hanyu Yuzuru's skating. At last my boy, ISU can drop and dxx as far as I'm concerned :D


I fully agree with the 'drop and dxx' part. Now I don't have to put up with ISU shenanigans anymore, hehe.


Having said that, I was not exactly surprised or sad since it's been at the back of my mind since 2018. R happens to all athletes sooner or later.


Wishing all the best to Yuzu's future and more happiness to come for him as a free agent

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This is actually only appropriate for the salt mines, but I need to share it with everyone




I’m so sorry, I’m laughing!


Sorry for interrupting, I feel like newer fans need time to process this, but the more I think about it, the more funnier it looks. 


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He's not going to let us rest, people. He mentioned trying more and more challenging things in ice shows...


Also, i don't think that the Pooh rains are over. I mean, now there won't be any ISU restrictions in place about throwing gifts on the ice so...


I am sad that his competitive career ended like this, but happy because man... Imagine what he's going to give us, free of pressure and trying to game the system to get proper recognition for his efforts.


I think his real power will be finally unleashed 

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All of the income from Yuzu shows will all go to Yuzu and his production company. He will not have to give JSF any commission, Yuzu will be able to plough all of the earnings back into his own projects

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Truthfully, I’m not upset that he’s leaving competition. I said so to a friend yesterday before the press con too. I’m only upset that the last competition was so heartbreaking and that I never got to see him off. I selfishly wanted to see him in competition one more time and give him the send-off he deserves. 4CC in 2020 is going to remain my biggest regret; at the time, I kept justifying that I would see him in Montreal and the cost of going to both was too much. I should have just gone.


Still, every year we got after PC was a gift, borrowed time. I got 4 more years than I thought I would. Thank you for the amazing journey, Yuzu. :heart: I hope whatever you have in the works, I’m able to see in person.

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