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Say, we have been going on and on about a potential bloodbath for a spot to see Yuzu at the GP, but what about the bloodbath amongst the press to be at his conference? 🤔 Lottery? First come first serve? Nope, all of you can only watch me on small screen?


In all seriousness, is it the first time he made announcements via his management team and not JSF? It is giving me a weird vibe. Also, his team must have been something. Anyone has any clue? (Basically I need something to discuss about while waiting here in agony...)

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Some words by 山口真一, from Figure Skate Magazine 2021-22 Vol. 6 "Dreams Never End", translated with deepL:


Just before leaving Beijing, Yuzuru Hanyu said, "It doesn't matter in what field (I will continue)". As of 2 June, it has not been made clear what that field will be.

But after watching him in Makuhari, I feel that the answer is already there, or that there is not much point in speculating on the answer.

Whether it is competitions or ice shows, what we see there is "Yuzuru Hanyu's skating". His feelings towards his performance and the passion he puts into that moment, whether it is a competition or an ice show, are no different.

In Makuhari, Yuzuru Hanyu's skating was sharp and his every movement was filled with emotion and intention. No matter where he performs, Yuzuru Hanyu will always express his own world through skating. 


My own thoughts, just for myself…


I am living with fear about a career-ending injury since Beijing. I am not sure if everyone still remembers it, but his November injury was not healed at JNats. Instead, he was skating on painkillers. I think it is possible to skate on painkillers for 3 weeks without doing some serious damage to the body. But then he decided to not have a break and a full recovery, but to go to Beijing, presumably still on painkillers. In the end, he probably skated on painkillers for about 10 weeks.

Skating on an injury while suppressing the signals of the body for such a long time sounds frightening to me. And in fact, he said several times after Beijing that his recovery was not going like expected.


During the FaOI TV interviews, the two most important questions that everyone wanted to know were not asked:

- injury recovery

- future career


I think it is no coincidence that these questions were not asked, and I fear that they are both related with each other.


His tears after the last Shizuoka show never looked like happy tears to me. Instead, he looked like he had to let go the FaOI happiness and face another grueling time.

My feeling is that last season‘s injuries may be the big question mark regarding his future career.


I just hope that he will not be forced to end his career and his dreams because of an injury.

But he is Yuzuru Hanyu, and no matter what decision he has made, he will continue to inspire us with his way of dealing with it.


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I go to sleep for seven hours and wake up to THIS news? And how many more pages have been added to this forum?? I know that everyone has spoken their speculation for Yuzu's press conference, but I'm going to add my theories anyway (let me vent a little lol) 


1. No big news - Yuzu just announcing he is indeed competing this season and aiming for the 4A, but with small notices we all speculated already (like leaving the TCC and going independent - staying in Japan permanently - or joining a Japanese skating club)


2. Retirement notice - Yuzu announces he is either retiring or going to retire after this season (just to prepare the JSF and ISU to their doom!) His injury in Beijing could have been more serious than initially thought and given it is a chronic injury it does not bode well for the future. The announcements about the conference would not mention retirement beforehand so it is possible...


3. Personal announcement like marriage or a lawsuit or legal matter - really out there since I don't think Yuzu would announce marriage loudly like this - but the presence of his legal team (or the team that manage his image/contracts) makes me think he may make an announcement regarding something bothering him legally (online harassments, libel press, etc.)  Again, not likely at all, but I would love if Yuzu took some action towards his haters lol. It may also be Yuzu announcing he is parting ways with ANA since they will also be there.


4. Matter regarding ISU/GP series. We're supposed to get GP placements today (we were supposed to get them DAYS ago) and if we do get them today then we can ignore this one, but if not I wonder if the reason for the delay is something regarding Yuzu? Pure speculation, but if England and Finland agreed to take on GP events knowing they would get Yuzu to sell tickets (per an ISU promise perhaps) HOWEVER Yuzu does not want to go to these events given the dates or his preference to compete in NHK this could be causing big problems with confirming the GP events. This is probably not likely, though I like the idea that Yuzu is causing problems for the ISU haha

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That long hug with Stephane at the last FaOI got me thinking - it seemed to me like maybe some big issue had been resolved/discussed/accepted....they don't usually hug like that at the end of ice shows. 

I suppose though, it could just be that they were glad to be back skating for the FaOI family after 3 hard years....

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I went back to the Nikkan article and it seems like he’s already had this planned and this isn’t intentional. With the delay in assignments and Shinzo Abe’s unfortunate passing, I wonder if this was supposed to be announced right after release of assignments. 

Also just happy that this forum exists and that I can talk with you guys about this. Makes the wait more bearable. ❤️

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I'm seeing way too many opinions - many convinced that he's retiring, an equal or maybe more opinions that he's continuing, a lot of people speculating about something having to do with official change of base - we are all speculating and giving each other anxiety through the roof. It's normal what we're doing, but we're also torturing ourselves.


I suggest a nice dose of Yuzu skating videos to calm us all down.

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Maybe Yuzu is setting up a skating school in Tohoku ( to rival Nagoya )


Someone mentioned:

If he was going to patent his AI/ motion capture tech, Yuzu would have done so prior to publishing the thesis. Most inventions are patented very early on in their inception in case of intellectual property cases in the future

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