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9 hours ago, Anabel said:


Actual footage of ToshI at the exhibition :giggle:





:grin:  Toshl in Masquerade costume and with :dancingpooh: would definitely be conspicuous during his "secret mission".  




7 hours ago, Yuzurella said:

Oops, Anni already posted what I wanted to post. :tumblr_inline_mqt4grU8ua1qz4rgp:


I had discovered this on twitter, so I wanted to post this here for you all. Then we both had the same thought.  smilie_love_359.gif


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Here just to bask on Yuzu receiving continuously love all around, thanks for the satellites for providing these fluff links.


Positivity around him always triumph the negativity, by miles, so is very nice to be reminded. And is some sort of reality check for me too haha


FaOI is coming, can’t wait for threads here and on twitter~ 

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Not me taking a break for watching Music with Wings because H&L was about to start and I need to compose myself before listening to it, then seeing this in the latest tweets side-bar. Not me now going to watch the Worlds H&L then the Beijing one THEN the orchestra version from MwW...


My most-watched Yuzu program is Seimei, but H&L is a very close second.

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54 minutes ago, Anabel said:

It's already May 4th in Japan, so may the 4th be with you


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Since it's not Yuzu I put it under spoiler, but Adam couldn't miss :tumblr_inline_mfy936EPNF1qid2nw :







Yes, it's the SP of the Frenchie Adam Sio Fa Olympic Games and the addition of the lightsaber is not bad and surprising and why May 4th is important in Japan? and Yuzu has already scared Darth Vader by making him the Seimei sign (I already put the link :xD:

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@Yuzuwinnie May 4th is "important" for Star Wars fans. It is a word game, "May the forth be with you = May 4th" I guess the person who posted it on twitter is a Star Wars fan and, yes, I'm a Star Wars fan too :hihi:

I saw Adam's performance in Montpellier and I really liked it. Adam is very expresive and catches the audience :) 

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18 hours ago, IceWings said:


Welcome to the Planet! :20111123175648e45:


I've never tried buying a ticket, but what I've heard is you need a Japanese phone number and Japanese credit card to purchase a ticket, so that right there makes it really hard for international fans to buy tickets. Also the demand for tickets is high, so even for Japanese fans, it's not easy to buy tickets. Because of the high demand, they will sometimes hold a lottery, so you cannot buy tickets directly. You enter a lottery, and if you win, THEN you can buy a ticket. So if that's not enough hurdles to jump over, each venue has a different system for buying tickets. Even if you have a friend in Japan who can buy a ticket for you, sometimes they check ID at the door to discourage scalpers from buying and reselling tickets, so your friend has to enter the venue with you.


That's my understanding. Anyone who has more experience, please correct me. :)


Here's a detailed post about this from @SuzyQ




I wish Yuzu can do international ice shows someday!

Thank you! I'm looking forward to that day:heartsign:

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On 5/3/2022 at 10:42 AM, Anni said:

New blog from Toshl :happy:

Here the direct link 





Here is another translation of Toshl's undercover challenge:smiley-cool14:





This photographer from Reuters said about Yuzu  :heart:
"It was an amazing experience to photograph this figure skating genius Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan. He is giving all soul while performing. Such a beautiful and extraordinary art!"

(Pictures from the Gala in Beijing)







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