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I listened to both the youtube clips posted above for the music. 

Generally prefer violin but I can see how the piano fit well for Yuzu and I quite like it too. There are some parts that gives a sense of tranquility as I imagine Yuzu's skating to just one instrument playing at the background. Though the piano version I watched has 2 pianos, not sure how Shinya-san will arrange it for 1 piano. 


To think that we could be seeing the new SP this week..... I was so ready to pack up and rush home early to watch the SP but alas...  Hope Yuzu is recovering well. 

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1 hour ago, Briq_S said:

Yuzu also said in the Pamphlet, that he can jump 4Flip now!


How great his condition was before NHK! I feel so sad...

Why do I feel like this is actually much bigger news than it appears? 


Can Yuzu's dream of doing a program with every possible quad in it be far off? 

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3 hours ago, river said:

So Shae-Lynn helped with the SP, too? Has that ever happened before?

Not that I know. Would be Very interesting to hear about the creating process, since Jeff is in Canada, Shae in the US and Yuzu in Japan. 

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4 minutes ago, rockstaryuzu said:

Why do I feel like this is actually much bigger news than it appears? 


Can Yuzu's dream of doing a program with every possible quad in it be far off? 

You just wait, once he is in the right condition he is so putting thr 4F in the SP for sheer chaos :8430721:

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2 minutes ago, Melodie said:

Not that I know. Would be Very interesting to hear about the creating process, since Jeff is in Canada, Shae in the US and Yuzu in Japan. 

They're probably all sick to death of Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, Teams, etc.

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tbh I vastly prefer the piano, I always thought  that piece of music was sort of....grating....*dodges tomatoes:runaway:* It's not quite a warhorse but it is familiar and a lot of skaters have skated to it over the years. At least the piano version has a fresh take to it.  It'll still be a gazillion times better than the stuff we've seen from everybody else this year. The bar set for Olympic programs this year is in hell lmao. I can't believe some of the stuff people decided to use this year. I hope the judges go with Yuzu (yeah yeah pipe dream yeah yeah gold has been already given blah blah but the rest of the men's programs this year are garbage) if he goes clean. 


edit: not grating but idk I used to lose interest when I'd hear it 

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Frankly, I hope he doesn't choose a warhorse, but since this is his dream and he even makes the efforts to ask Kiyozuka-san to make a record just for this program, I think it bothers me way less. The latter already implies some originality to it, similar to Haru yo koi (I adore the rearranged version by Yuzu and Kiyozuka-san so much).


As for the music itself, I will wait until the program is debuted before passing my judgement on it (piano vs orchestral).


PS: No "Merry Xmas Mr. Lawrence" so hell yeah!!!!


PPS: I don’t think it is specifically mentioned that this is going to be purely a piano version right? 



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This is one of my favorite violin pieces. To think we could have seen it this week. :sadPooh:


Here is what it might sound like as a solo piano piece. Although with Yuzu's music editing skills, he could have Kiyozuka-san play both parts of the piano duet separately, then overlay the recordings so that the final cut is a duet.



Hope Yuzu will heal quickly so that we can see this masterpiece soon. Yes, it's already a masterpiece. :201111231756430f6:

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To be very honest, all these exciting news (SP, 4F, etc) are like big stabs in my heart. Just because you can see how much he has worked hard and prepared but the universe didn’t let it happen in the last minute. I cannot imagine how he must be feeling right now. The time and effort he has to put now for recovering and getting back into form again…. :( 

On the bright side, I know his SP will be magical, he is not the type to rely on the music to be brilliant so whatever he skates to will be stunning. It also looks like he has a long plan to do all quads in a program, so he isn’t just going for the 4A and say bye bye. maybe I’m delusional but I hope he will stay around for another few seasons to see the complete fruits of his efforts. It will be interesting to see how he can manage to do this without sacrificing the program quality. Sigh, I hope he will have the luck on his side from now on. Please, universe, I beg.

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Aaah, rollercoaster height in the early morning for me! Thank you everyone for the news! 

I like the music choice. Almost sang along on the train to work, missed the bus and walked (and sang). Imagining Yuzuru's spins to the music runs is great.


And 4F..? Wow. Never ever underestimate Mr. Hanyu. I really thought that might be another goal for him, but only hoped he would go for it after 4A. Remember Yuzu's cute press con statement about the 6 quads? The "King of quads" sitting next to him quite desinterested... Well, maybe there will soon circulate the title "Emperor of quads". 

Yes, the work behind this and the disappointement for now must be enormous. Impossible effort for ordinary people. Get well soon, Yuzuru! But you know, you never fail to make us happy again, at least I am already for the moment. 

Have a good day/evening, dear fellow satellites! 

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Let me correct one of my last few posts: Yuzu didn't mention this piece in Aoi Honoo as one of the pieces he wanted to skate to. He named this piece as one of the examples of the music he liked along with Otonal that Johnny Weir skated to, Once Upon a Time in America that Evgeni Plushenko skated to. Then he said he also wanted to skate to some of these favorites. By the way, he mentioned this piece as "Rondo Capriccioso to which many skaters have skated." :biggrin:


It is an interview given in January 2012. Interestingly, before sharing his favorite music, he stated that after refining his spins, jumps, and skating, he hoped to present his program to the audience as a piece of art that flows naturally from the beginning to the end of the 3 or 4 and a half minutes.


As I haven't read the interview in the NHK pamphlet myself (I forgot to order it beforehand. Now I am tempted to go to Yoyogi only to buy a copy if they sell it outside of the venue), I guess I had better put my opinions on hold for the time being, but I am looking forward to seeing this SP very much!


I have been thinking that Yuzu liked this piece as a piece of violin music, so it is a bit surprising if he skates to a piano solo version. But I can trust his decisions when it comes to his program music. If Kiyozuka san has helped him in any way, I can trust that collaboration as well, seeing and hearing how he has been supportive and sincere in and out of their collaboration for Haru yo koi.


I just hope he recovers fully and fulfills his dream/dreams.

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