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6 minutes ago, sallycinnamon said:


I meant only this picture, he looks really young here, like he looked when he was a junior:






Yuzu could very easily pass for a teenaged junior skater here.



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2 hours ago, Veveco said:



It's funny because my first reaction to the pictures was almost the opposite :laughing:

In this one in particular, he looks very... mature? He's all grown up...




He's matured into a man, but at the same time, ageless, and his looks are so fluid and changeable like liquid diamond. 


IMO, if you go back to 2017 and look at the youngsters coming up then - Nathan, Boyang, Shoma, Mikhail, Nam - and Yuzu and then look at them in pictures now, I really think casual people might pick him as the youngest, even over Shoma (and definitely over Nathan and Nam who are a few years his junior).


Kecvin Reynolds is another I thought always looked very young (though in his case it was adorably hobbity, not adorably ice prince)

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1 hour ago, Geo1 said:

That’s the versatility, magic, “gap”, whatever of Yuzuru Hanyu. He can look game face scary one second and squishy cute the next. Movie idol smoking hot in one picture and innocent smiling teenaged-boy-next-door in another. Or, as @Kikooo said, cute and sexy at the same time. Yuzu is a man-boy of countless faces.

As he himself has said, it's his selling point. :9:

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So we were right about the Origin vibes:biggrin: 


Aww, Mr perfectionist in action :67638860:

But what was he doing with that camera?:10814716: 


Also, why do I miss Zuzu even more now I've seen this footage?:tumblr_inline_ncmiffG34Z1rpglid: it's as if I had forgotten how amazing he is on the ice and suddenly I can keenly feel just how much I miss his skating 😭


(Gosh even him tying his boots is making me nostalgic, reminds me of good old media days):13877886:

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Just now, Sombreuil said:

A light drizzle of information and we all perk up.....

We are some really seasoned cacti and use up whatever precipitation we get. Or even slight humidity is going to go a long way with us. 

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