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I respect Chen and his skating, but having the ISU blatantly putting down Yuzu just to make Chen look better is disgusting. Having said that, Nathan doesn't deserve a lot of the hate he gets. I don't have a link, but there are a few instances where he knows that he's been overscored and he honestly seemed a bit guilty about it, even if it's not his fault- the judges are the ones who should be blamed here. Even if he tried to negotiate, the ISU would probably do nothing- he, like Yuzu, is kind of like another tool in the shed to get views.

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1 hour ago, IULIANA said:

Oh, come on, stop crying on Chen`s shoulder, guys! He is not some slave who has no saying in the doings of the people arround him! He likes it because he accepts it, that`s all! He is a fully grown up not some teen at the mercy of his tutors! He accepted the aggressive PR game pre-Oly and he refused to be present at the gala, remember? So, they deserve each other, ISU and his fave, there, they are in it together! I know, we have to behave, to be polite, but it seems that class act is for some just a sign of stupidity. Ok, we will behave, but are not going to kid ourselves.

I very well know "there is one thing (...) which a man can always do, if he choses, and that is, his duty" (Emma, chap.18) but here 1) we have already discussed what he could do and how it would both crush his medical career perspectives (even his health : his injuries will always need support and in US it is not granted), of course his skating career (while he is a great skater, it would be a loss), and this to little or no avail; 2) he is not "manoeuvring and finessing" like Mr Knightley suspects Frank Churchill to be doing; 3) though major of age, he is really dependent on his mother and she has a strong will, if we believe his coach Rafael Arutyunyan; 4) he doesn't have a dominant character, like Mr Knightley or... Yuzuru Hanyu, and this is neither a fault nor to his reach, he is like that (and that seems to have been Daisuke Takahashi's main problem, by the way). When I see "must protecc' at all costs" about Yuzuru Hanyu, but really... :doh: Of course he is very grateful for any help but he's in command, he knows what he's doing and does what he wants (and not whimsically, always thoughtfully and listening to others' advice). Nathan Chen has more a character of an excellent second, helpful, intelligent but needing somebody to tell him what to do. I hope he can survive this ordeal.

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36 minutes ago, yuzuru_hanyu_is_an_angel said:

I respect Chen and his skating, but having the ISU blatantly putting down Yuzu just to make Chen look better is disgusting. Having said that, Nathan doesn't deserve a lot of the hate he gets. I don't have a link, but there are a few instances where he knows that he's been overscored and he honestly seemed a bit guilty about it, even if it's not his fault- the judges are the ones who should be blamed here. Even if he tried to negotiate, the ISU would probably do nothing- he, like Yuzu, is kind of like another tool in the shed to get views.

well, his recent interviews say otherwise

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I don't think its just ISU who push the narrative about Nathan, but also his federation and his agent -IMG. Its not out of nowhere that Yale come up everytime people mention his name. Alot of his PR articles in Japan have the same formula - tie his name tightly with Yuzuru, and Yale yale yale. He's not a naive kid, no elite athletes are. He doesn't do it directly but he's ok or don't care that people around him doing so, so I don't get why some people feel the need to play the victim card for him

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What puzzles me is the sheer stupidity of the ISU in regards to Yuzu.  He's the biggest cash cow they've ever had.  His presence in a competition guarantees a sell-out and since they sell whole-competition tickets before single event ones, it means that the whole competition is sold out.  His presence in a competition also guarantees higher ratings because there are huge numbers of people who might not watch the proceedings if it weren't for him.  His presence also means that there  are a ton of hotel rooms booked that wouldn't have been otherwise, and tons of restaurant meals served  that wouldn't have been otherwise.  It also means concessions at the arena would see higher numbers because he's in the arena.  It means that there will be a higher number of journalists there (not just Japanese because the media know that Yuzu is popular well beyond the Japanese isles) who wouldn't be there.  In Japan, of course, Yuzu rules.  (I think one of the reasons Daisuke was able to console himself with Yuzu's taking the spotlight in Japan is realizing that how can one hope to compete against a GOAT).  Beyond Japan Yuzu has a higher profile than any other skater in any of the four disciplines.  If I were the ISU I would dread the day when Yuzu announces his retirement because he's the goose that lays the golden eggs.


A final note - When Yuzu retires the market for Pooh plushies will crash.

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I suppose some of this could play in Yuzuru‘s favour if he goes for the 3rd OGM. This pressure and expectation on Nathan is again building as Beijing approaches. He knows he is bolstered above his true abilities. Yuzu has dealt with constant pressure for years, and still performs consistently (only Gold and Silver finishes for years now). He came back from serious injury and enforced abstention from competition to win Gold at Olys and Silver (with an amazing FS performance) at Saitama worlds. This important pre-season is likely to be pretty limited, if it happens at all. Not the best preparation for the challenger to the Olympic crown. A healthy (and even unhealthy!) Yuzuru is always in with a good chance of winning gold at the Olys, and with his greater experience of pressure, expectation, many years of consistency, and experience of significant gaps in competition only to come back with amazing performances puts him in a very good place as a contender. Plus he loves feeling as if his back is against the wall, and ISU’s preferential treatment of Nate will just reinforce the strength of this feeling. Nathan meanwhile might struggle with the Covid- enforced hiatus, and some sense of awkwardness or even guilt at the erasing of Yuzuru’s legacy to his (Nate’s) benefit, and when Beijing arrives he has to face his rival, the 2 time Olympic champ - no matter how unfairly Yuzu has been scored, if Yuzu performs and Nathan again cracks under the weight of expectation, Yuzuru could well be the (very deserving) victor. Plus, murder face !!
(I know other skaters will be there challenging too! Don’t wish to erase Boyang, Shoma, Yuma, Mikhail, Dmitri etc...) 

Ah it’s a bit of a ramble, sorry!! :joy:

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8 hours ago, memae said:

I just went onto the ISU website to check the profiles in their entirety and they aren't up for the MVS award so I'm guessing they've been taken down to have some editing done. 


That had better be the case, because the 'drafts' are unacceptable and obscene in their erasure of the GOAT achievements!!:mad0066:

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1 hour ago, SitTwizzle said:

I don't see it at all in these graphs.
The number of people tested positive is growing because, as you see, last month at last they endeavoured to test massively. Comparatively, UK and US did start testing early in the epidemic but what they lack is medical response : I won't start upon US medical system because it would become political, but as to UK, the NHS is in a pitiable state, both on the GP level (three weeks to get an appointment, ten minutes consultation, a paracetamol prescription whatever the trouble, is hardly a caricature) as on the hospital level, with a general mess (all the response from the heads of the NHS to budget cuts is to fire nurses and to recruit highly-paid executives in large numbers; plus the way the "localisation" was handled).

And I don't see Sweden in the graph of number of positive vs. number of tested, but it is not that precise when you see France in the average, it really is a cheating, because we sooo undertested during the explosion and the pike, hiding its size, while many people proposed solutions for massive testing (300.000 tests per week for cheap, first offered in February unofficially, then officially mid-March in an open letter by lack of previous answer, a governmental promise three weeks later but to no avail except one very eloquent day of testing by misunderstanding from the proposers; only in late April, with numbers dwindling while their narrative was terrifying the population, they started two to three weeks of massive testing, 700.000 per week, to no avail because the epidemics was to its end; so they changed their narrative to pretend they "had won" against the infection, even suppressing retroactively a good number of the victims and of the infected from official numbers, and stopped testing while we still need it; and so, as a whole, we have a good cases/tests ratio but the reality is totally different).

But for Sweden, while not fighting enough, they were always honest (I repeat : I have no idea of the political colour of their government, or its attitude on other issues, I am just speaking of what I can see about the epidemic) and were among the few who counted their CoViD-deaths with accuracy, leading people to believe they had had more deaths than some others who were less honest/accurate (mostly Spain, France and Netherlands; once again, I have no idea of who is governing Netherlands, and I have second-hand relation about Spain which make me think they were rather overwhelmed at a moment than lying).

And you can see the graph of excessive death rate :


They are still at the limit of an excess, because 1) they seem to have effectively protected the weaker, unlike France for instance who did the opposite and have now a "too low death rate"; 2) there are still some deaths from CoViD but with effectual census and more tests, it is weaning.



  Reveal hidden contents


As to the vaccine, we would need decades of much more efficient feedback to know the direct effects of course, but specifically for coronavirus vaccination, on MERS and on SARS-CoV 1 tested vaccines, a risk have been observed of potentially lethal immune reactions when in contact with the real virus, so I would say, no way for me unless properly tested on really knowing and willing people.

I think further arguments may be better, not even in the CoViD thread, but by private mail if you want.



Here's the graph for confirmed cases per million inhabitants. As you can see, Sweden has the highest number of any European country:



And this topic is derailing the forum, so that's the last I'm going to say about it. 

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22 minutes ago, lynnidolz said:

I hate to say this but do u guys think because Yuzuru is from an Asian country is why  the reason their trying so much to undermine his achievement? Sorry if this question inappropriate.I will delete this

Hmm. Maybe, maybe not. I think it's a mistake to assume that the reason is because he's an Asian, specifically. That might be why, but it could also just be because he's not Russian or not American, which isn't the same thing. I mean, Nathan is also Asian. Yes, he's an American, but if the discrimination against Yuzu were only about race, then Nathan would also have the same trouble. I think it's mostly about not being from a country and/or skating federation that wields clout in the ISU. The two things are sort of similar, but not quite. In other words if the situation were reversed and a white guy were to be Japan's top skater, they'd still get no respect from the ISU. 

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