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Wow, I just saw the three clips and it was so lovely!


It felt like Yuzu is dancing for us inside a present box :626gdau:

And you know, what's the best thing about it? It's a present that everyone in the world understands. No subtitles or translations needed.

It's the best present to start this day :dancingpooh:

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3 hours ago, FlyingCamel said:




*SQUEEEEEEEAL!!!!*  OMG, Let's Go Crazy!  I've given up on ever seeing it again, even if it is only a few seconds on the floor...  if only he wore the pants...


I get quite behind on the forums on the weekends.  When I first read that people were speculating Yuzu would do one, I told myself it was desperate wishful thinking.  I haven't seen the other videos yet but I'm still going to declare that he did the best one again just because I don't see how anyone could do one better than this.  So happy to see him again :jumping0042:

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