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44 minutes ago, mercedes said:

I'm sure ice-Chan has standard,not like the first guy that come along can kiss her:68468287:

Of course not. She totally saved herself for Yuzu. :LOL: and she made him work hard to get even that little kiss. Ice-Chan is a tsundere. 


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9 hours ago, Ashley2162018 said:

All I can say is rewarding under rotations more is just telling everyone its okay to cheat jumps.

So much for "sport" as a way to challenge yourself .

Are they telling the future skaters that its okay not to perfect their skills?








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36 minutes ago, kaeryth said:




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I didn't watch the video yet, but coaches teaching skaters how to "cheat" jumps (although they don't call it that) is very common. Variants of "The trend used to be to not prerotate your jumps but now prerotating is in fashion" or "The system prefers jumps with prerotation now" is frankly a very common thing I've heard coaches say.


Coaches and skaters adapt to the times; that's how they survive in a sport that's ruthless, opaque, and highly biased. They see what's winning and they copy it. For example, I see little skaters jump with rippons and tanos more often than not and actually it can be easier for them because it keeps their core engaged. 

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Honestly, I think Yuzu and his team are very much aware of ISU and the judges' unfairness and it's something they keep in mind when making the programs. That Brian pretty much always figures out the score before it's announced shows he knows how the judges work and since Yuzu researches so much, he surely knows, too (though in the adrenaline rush of a post-performance, and with his own feelings in the mix, he doesn't always figure it out before the scores are announced - Helsinki FS is the best example; Yuzu probably never imagined they'd call his 4S UR, but it seemed like Brian expected a lower score, so perhaps expected the UR call, knowing the judges or perhaps knowing the angles they have or whatever).


Whenever I see these things and think about the scoring and everything, I think it's so incredible in many ways, how far he has come. He's never had the kind of support and favoritism many of his rivals have had. You can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times he was overscored and those were usually either in special cases (CoC '14, though I still have my reservations on calling that overscoring) or the overscoring was very small. The number of times he was underscored is a different issue. I don't think we fans will ever forget that H&L is the best Free Skate program of the previous scoring system, while in the same time the most underscored world record ever. I'm sure Yuzu knows that, too.


The thing is, though, that Yuzu is a fair guy. And while he does want to win, he will never want to win while ignoring his own standards and principles. A winning program, even a world record would be meaningless to him unless it was clean by his own standards. Yes, the judges give crap scores and I'm sure it does hurt him to some extent to see his hard earned and worked for and very often impeccably executed 3A, with levels of difficulty and quality that other skaters can only dream about, NOT get maximum GOE. But at the end of the day, his own standards are much higher than those of the judges. Honestly, up and coming skaters should pray he never takes up judging lol. Though I doubt the ISU would let him, anyway.


Now, I wonder if his new goal might not be to find another way to break the system. Even though they've changed the rules to give his rivals an advantage and give him more disadvantages, to find a way to still win decisively despite that. I think there's a chance he might not have been as upset about judging at Worlds as we were, because he wasn't perfect by his own standards. It's possible he still thinks being perfect by his own standards would put him ahead of anyone else even with the ISU judging. But even so, I'm sure he took note of it and will keep it in mind from now on. His talk of getting all the quads was indicative of this, IMO. While in some ways I think he/they miscalculated at Worlds, I generally trust Yuzu and his team to be prepared to fight the ISU (even while they'll never really admit it, because they're too gentlemanly to). So we might be in for some mind blowing stuff... (if not, it'll just be more heartbreak... :dislike:)

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2 hours ago, KatjaThera said:

find a way to still win decisively despite that

You'll note that this is now, will always be, and always has been, Yuzu's approach to competition. The only thing that changes is whatever the 'that' might be. Seriously, if an earthquake and tsunami didn't stop him, if a potentially career-ending collision didn't stop him, if season after season of injury and pain didn't stop him, some trifling judging nonsense surely isn't going to, either. 


Brian has said it many times: he and his skaters' jobs are to work within the rules and the judges' scoring in order to find a way to win.  So far they've been spectacularly successful at it. The main thing that made this season look so bad is because the judging was a dumpster fire for everything. The men, the women, the pairs and the ice dance were all f**ked at every competition, IMO. 


And because it was a dumpster fire, there was opportunity for favoritism to rear it's ugly head. ( I keep thinking of the resurgence of the 'skating while Russian' bonus in ice dance, but there are lots of other examples.) My hope is that now that ISU and the judges got that out of their system, scores will at least make sense next year. 


As for Worlds this year, because of a couple of things Yuzu said here and there, I'm of the opinion that he wasn't in his best condition going into it and it affected his mental game, which is why he ended up popping the Sal. And after that, it was a case of holding things together, and it just wasn't quite enough to win. Maybe that plays into his seeming to be less upset about the scores than you'd expect.

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2 hours ago, TallyT said:


Think of it as an investment in happiness :softYuzu:


I spent last week in New York City, two blocks down from the Kinokuniya bookstore....And for the very first time had a chance to buy something Yuzuru Hanyu-related. I went a bit berserk - about 5 magazines, the first Ao Hono book, and two books on Shoma Uno. I don't dare think how much money I spent, but it was well worth it.


Now I only have to speed up my Japanese learning so that I can read the articles. In the mean time, I have absolutely no problems just admiring the pictures. One of the magazines has pictures of every program he's done, all the way back to tiny bby Yuzu (soooo kawaii!!!) - but the pics of Let's Go Crazy are so steamy you practically have to be in private to look at them....

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29 minutes ago, KitSileya said:

One of the magazines has pictures of every program he's done, all the way back to tiny bby Yuzu (soooo kawaii!!!) - but the pics of Let's Go Crazy are so steamy you practically have to be in private to look at them....


This one? It's so good, it's worth the price. :tumblr_inline_mueoe3Yabh1qdlkyg:


24 minutes ago, PapiandPooh422 said:

POTO 2.0?


Yes, it is!

Come and join us here: 


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2 minutes ago, Anzi said:

Quick question: is the new POTO program for ice show or for next season competition???

I think it is for ice shows. Yuzu doesnt usually announce his new programs until media day at this point. he rarely skates his programs at faoi now except for last 2 seasons when he recycled chopin. but we never knowww :hihi:

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