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1 minute ago, Yuzu_legend said:

Thanks, the important thing is that we have our Planet back. It's kind of scary to be honest...the feeling that there is (though for a short time) no home... it might be all the stuff I just took in because this horrible cold, but in case I don't say it enough:  

I LOVE PH AND ALL MY FELLOW SATELLITES!!! :grouphug::tumblr_inline_mto5i3wxFW1qid2nw::img_21::11135030:

I honestly thought it was an April Fools joke XD And was thinking Ehhhh, but it's Hope & Legacy day. And while we're at the topic

:tumblr_inline_n18qrbDQJn1qid2nw: :tumblr_lkl6q24eyw1qfamg6: :tumblr_m230p1f9hj1qfamg6:HAPPY HOPE & LEGACY DAY:tumblr_m230p1f9hj1qfamg6: :tumblr_lkl6q24eyw1qfamg6: :tumblr_inline_n18qrbDQJn1qid2nw:

To the greatest free skate in the history of figure skating,

Happy 2 years Anniversary! :cheers:

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The Planet is down.  Woe is me!  What can I do to help the situation?  Absolutely nothing.  I'm at the mercy of the Internet gods.  My solution.  Go to bed and sleep on it.  Wake up!  Planet is back.  It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do.

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14 hours ago, sallycinnamon said:

Today it the second anniversary of Yuzuru's world record breaking Hope and Legacy free skate in Helsinki and his second gold medal at the World Championships. :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:What a magical performance it was...:bow:

Hope and Legacy remains the most complex and difficult free skate ever which perfectly combined the highest technique with the most amazing artistry. No one can touch that 223.20 points which will forever remain the historical record for the free skate. <3  (and which score is probably the most underscored world record in the history of the new judging system:10640793: Still can't get over that none of those perfect elements got +3 GOE....)

CBC version, ITA Eurosportno commentary, best fancam

It feels so good and healing to watch H&L again after a long time <3



             :7938863:It's truly the most amazing day ever!!:7938863:




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6 minutes ago, ralucutzagy said:

We are finally back! :party2: Yaaay!!! Thanks for the efforts, admins!!! :tumblr_inline_mi7tcqZmot1qdlkyg:

This is one sakura fairy for you!!! OMG! I didn't saw this pic before! So close!!! :13877886:

source: 🌸ぱんな(´・ω・`) 🦄@twitter.com

I fEel aTtAckEd

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