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Yuzuru is perfectly aware of what's going on, he sees the need to adapt and evolve to "win resoundingly" on his own terms as much as possible. He knows it will be more difficult than ever but he said he will take care to heal and protect his body first, and I believe him.


I hate to think of him in physical or emotional pain but he has been suffering for a long time, and he hasn't regretted it yet. Whenever he finds it's not worth it anymore, I'll be glad because I know he will have decided for himself and it will mean he is growing in a new direction. For now he seems to have recommitted himself to competing and if he's refreshed I don't much care why, as long as it helps him (he still should have won the free!!) :goat:

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Hace 3 horas, Moria Polonius said:

 And yes, for what it was, namely from the athletic point of view, Nathan's skates were excellent. 


"Positive GOE bullets (which make up the technical or "athletic" score):

1) very good height and very good length

2) good take-off and landing

3) effortless throughout (including rhythm in Jump combination)

4) steps before the jump, unexpected or creative entry

5) very good body position from take-off to landing

6) element matches the music


1) good speed and/or acceleration during spin

2) good controlled, clear position(s) (inc. height and air/landing position in flying spin) 3) effortless throughout

4) maintaining a centered spin

5) creativity and originality

6) element matches the music

Step Sequences

1) deep edges, clean steps and turns

2) element matches the music

3) effortless throughout with good energy, flow and execution

4) creativity and originality

5) excellent commitment and control of the whole body

6) good acceleration and deceleration

Choreographic Sequences

1) creativity and originality

2) element matches the music and reflects the concept/character of the program

3) effortless throughout with good energy, flow and execution

4) good ice coverage

5) good clarity and precision

6) excellent commitment and control of the whole body"

Please read that and tell me if you still think that Nathan was "excellent" on the athletic side... (or if you think he was even good enough to get the same GOEs as Yuzu). If you think that a program full of crossovers, stiff landings, small ice coverage, shallow edges, etc is "athletic excellence" IDK what to say...

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9 hours ago, Yuzupu said:



The amazing fan photographers have come through for us. I love Yuzu's soft and fluffy hair. And look at that shiny ring around his head. Why is everything about him spells "manga/anime protagonist" :10636614::10636614::10636614:


The shiny ring around his head is called/know as 天使の輪 (angel's ring = halo) in Japanese. His hair looks so healthy because he had to wash his hair clean to get the hair product off after Origin...:68468287:

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2 hours ago, Sabrina said:

I was on twitter a few moments ago and there are a dozens of post that say something about Pooh and the Jsf worrying about Nathan and so on ! Does anyone know what’s going on 

If drama is on twitter, ask people on twitter.

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Here's a nice interview with Meryl done at Saitama.  


She starts talking about Yuzuru from 10:48 until 13:44,  about what is his motivation and what she think his legacy will be once he retires.  




The last part of the interview is also interesting because she talks about how she felt when her and Charlie decided to retire after winning Olympics. I imagine that Yuzuru's perspective must be completely different in this regard in order for him to continue competing. 

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20 minutes ago, Sabrina said:

there are a dozens of post that say something about Pooh


The one I am aware of on Pooh was mostly about posts ridiculing rAf's comment about Pooh as psychological weapon :xD: :angrypooh:, otherwise I haven't seen more on that...


Serves him right anyway....

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I...just...what? Maybe they should have had more than like, 1/3 of the flower girls that CoR had then? It's not that hard? Of all the injustices in the figure skating world this is what JSF addresses? The only thing they address? I mean they banned Poohs and they banned banners and who is the one that affects the most? And he was so relieved Nathan skated well? Ok then.

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7 minutes ago, makebelieveup said:

maybe from now on to help yuzu from getting thrown under the bus by his own fed - who is a snake - we should donate the money that would have been spent on the poohs to children under his name or something. The Pooh Rain Foundation


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