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1 hour ago, SparkleSalad said:

Part of me hopes he has yet to arrive just because I want to hear him casually say “I’m going to win decisively” as he speed walks past reporters at the airport. 


I’m with you. Please no 4A!! I’ll be perfectly happy talking about it for next season!:winky:

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52 minutes ago, Sabrina said:


Could this really be the case ??? I hope not !!!!

I really hope it's not true, because it makes me panic (although he arrived in Pyeongchang later than I had hoped, too, so maybe he knows better), but that is what they said, that he hasn't returned yet (and stated as a fact, not a "it seems"). Normally, I'd still be skeptical, but this is Fuji, so if anyone in the media should know whether Yuzu is in Japan or not, it should be them, as they're the official broadcaster... Ah, Yuzu, killing us even before he sets foot on the ice... :2:

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