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23 hours ago, Sabrina said:

Boris Becker retweeted Yuzus Laureus speech that's something I never thought would happen


Yep. This has to be framed and saved forever. The overall resonance on Twitter is jaw dropping.


Fact: Yuzu-related posts have brought more likes, retweets and attention to Laureus' Twitter page than the entire rest together...

Plus: "a message from the main man himself"...

It would be funny, if the main man himself didn't appear tomorrow :laughing:


However, I hope they don't put him under pressure too much. Awards are great, but the Comeback King has another Mars mission in front of him...

Can't believe that we celebrate the anniversary already. Incredible how time flies. Omedeto, Yuzu!! :9:

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Guyss this app is so interesting and fun! 


We can be our own judge using this app while streaming live competitions to compare how the scores could have been 




I did a Yuzu's max scores (helsinki layout)


meanwhile if this is his layout, he'd get higher score




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Congratulations dear Yuzu! May we share with you more glorious moments like this. That your health is restored and you come back stronger and realize the skating of your dreams.
On this day I could not see Yuzu's skating, because the live stream stopped working just in time for Yuzu. It was horrible. I was so nervous, but I closed my eyes and prayed for him. I followed the score on the Planet. It was amazing! I trembled, I cried and could not breathe. Oh my gosh! He did that! He did! He won! GOLD! GOLD! GOLD!:cri: It was beautiful and unforgettable! I could not sleep. I was very happy . Arigato Yuzu! Arigato Planet Hanyu!:10742289:

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21 minutes ago, Dreamer said:

I am only concerned that Yuzu looks pale and thinner in that video.  doesnt the camera add 10 lbs?


I think it's the angle and lighting. (knocks wood)


The camera usually subtracts 10 lbs and 3 foundation shades from me. :laughing:

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