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Good to see Yuzu! I have to say, after all the bad weather we've been having in southern Ontario, today was the first day we actually had some real SUN, with nothing else bad going on... I know I had more jump in my step and felt great all day, and that was before I came to visit the Planet. Maybe Yuzu felt great today too and was in a good enough mood to decide to come out of his cave and say hi.

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Congratulations, dear Yuzu. We are missing you. Thank you for gifting us with your sweet image on this special day for all of us. Wooow! You have two Olympic gold medals!  Everything is perfect in the Universe now. Be healthy. Ganbatte! Ganbatte !! You can fulfill all your dreams. Yes, today was a very happy day.


I love this one:


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3 hours ago, yude said:


Thank you for posting this, I am Japanese but I didn't know Birthday had meaning :redface:  I'm going to share the list with my friends, mine was "Moon Heart" by the way :laughing:



Also ... apparently in the Solar Term (24 sekki or Daxue), 7th december stands for ''LARGE SNOW'' day 大雪(たいせつ)  :tumblr_inline_np9uqhnLHU1qid2nw_75sq: :48179197: we need a snow emoji

And there is no meaning for 6th or 8th december. Special meaning only for the 7th. Calculation? Everything !


if someone if interrested ...


Risshun (立春): February 4—Beginning of spring

Usui (雨水): February 19—Rain water

Keichitsu (啓蟄): March 5—Awakening of hibernated (insects)

Shunbun (春分): March 20—Vernal equinox, middle of spring

Seimei (清明): April 5—Clear and bright

Kokuu (穀雨): April 20—Grain rain

Rikka (立夏): May 5—Beginning of summer

Shōman (小満): May 21—Grain full

Bōshu (芒種): June 6—Grain in ear

Geshi (夏至): June 21—Summer solstice, middle of summer

Shōsho (小暑): July 7—Small heat

Taisho (大暑): July 23—Large heat

Risshū (立秋): August 7—Beginning of autumn

Shosho (処暑): August 23—Limit of heat

Hakuro (白露): September 7—White dew

Shūbun (秋分): September 23—Autumnal equinox, middle of autumn

Kanro (寒露): October 8—Cold dew

Sōkō (霜降): October 23—Frost descent

Rittō (立冬): November 7—Beginning of winter

Shōsetsu (小雪): November 22—Small snow

Taisetsu (大雪): December 7—Large snow

Tōji (冬至): December 22—Winter solstice, middle of winter

Shōkan (小寒): January 5—Small Cold; or Kan no iri (寒の入り)—Entrance of the cold

Daikan (大寒): January 20—Major cold



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6 hours ago, Veveco said:

Lol, and Olympic Channel answering to the Laureus tweet too. Whoever manages the channel really is a die-hard fanyu (or a smart planner) 




And we get tossed back and forth bw their games. But I'm happy anyway :cri:

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9 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:



How long do you figure it took Yuzu to teach Javi Raya to do that fingers to the eyes thing correctly? :LOL:



Also, happy first anniversary of the double gold, Yuzu! Your achievement is all the more unique for the fact that it gave so many millions of others so much happiness as well.



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Happy first pyeongchang gold anniversary YUZUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! :sadPooh: It's a day we all will never forget. I still can feel the cold sweat walking around my tv doing weird noises every time Yuzuru jumped LOL .

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