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6 hours ago, KatjaThera said:

HYK in Helsinki... I started crying about halfway through, then I couldn't really stop... not throughout the finale, not throughout saying goodbye to a few fellow PH satellites, not throughout the walk to the bus stop, not until I'd been waiting for the bus to the airport for some minutes and that was mostly because by then I was too cold to think of anything else. And I'm not really that much of a crier... but I feel like crying again just thinking about it :cri:

At the mid of HYK in Helsinki, there is one moment in which he stoped at one side of rink, lifting his right arm while the music going to the most moving part. You can see his eyes reflect the light and glisten just like the star shining in the night sky. 


That's the moment I bursted into tears

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9 hours ago, Louitunes said:

Just noticed my rank is now "Pooh by the Boards".  Can't stop laughing.  To anyone other than a Yuzu fan that sentence.... :oops:


LOL, just tried to share this with non-Yuzu fans... I got :judgmental:...i was the only one laughing.  Pretty darn funny. :iagree:

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2 hours ago, MeowZu said:

Here is a distracted Yuzu hahahahahaha I suddenly remember what Machida said about him lol



Scientific thinking: why there was a fly sneaking into the rink and went around Yuzu? 

Is that fly sort of spy alien try to distract Yuzu?



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