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....I got hooked on this olympic channel transmission and have watched the complete Olympic mens short and now the free, and I am far, far behind in my preparations for the family Christmas dinner :darklordyuzu:, but I will catch up. No problem.

Watching the short, I felt almost as nervous as if I was watching a live competition, even though I knew the outcome, and watching the free left me with a deepened appreciation of Javier Fernandez´ skate, and a wide smile for Yuzuru I cannot tell how wide..  — I am so happy again, and this is such a good feeling looking into the New Year — wanted to share and send again many  wishes for happiness to all:).


( will get to work now:darklordyuzu:). 

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Dear Meme-lord/troll/space-kitty overlord, hopefully enjoying himself in Toronto (or Sendai) with a nice meal (but realistically probably furiously typing at a finals paper), hope you have a nice Christmas and a wonderful New Year. 


The past year was not easy, but through all the hardships, you did manage to accomplish one of the elusive goals you set out to do. So congratulations on that!

And while disaster did strike again towards the end of the year, and you have to head into darkness again, hope you remember your own saying: there is no never-ending night, dawn will always come. As you head into the New Year, may your wishes and desires become reality, and the odds as always forever be in your favor. 


As for us fellow satellites- wishing all of us far and wide a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year! What is the silence of winter but preparation for the joyous raptures of the coming spring? Let's wait in peace, because spring will come always. =)

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So far a great Christmas.  Youngest son got me Korean goodies and eldest son (who is a landscaper for computer games) worked up a Yuzuru pillow for me.  If I ever work out technology I'll put a pic up... Its amazing.  They know me very well.     :ohno: Sheesh!!! 

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! 
May the year 2019 be happy and peaceful for everyone and may our dearest Yuzu make a smooth recovery from the injury and have a great year. :tumblr_inline_mto5hwcNlg1qid2nw:


One of my happiest moments in 2018 and the 下手くそ選手権 worthy pictures I took this year


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To all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I add also a Thank You to this forum and especially to those who manage it.  With always new Yuzu fans signing up and with all those threads to manage it can't be easy.  So a special thank you there.  As for Yuzu, I wish it were Christmas every day for him and in his stocking he'd find an infinite supply of uninjured ankles ready to be popped in whenever things go amiss.

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27 minutes ago, Sammie said:

Shun trying to do Yuzu Origin :68468287:

I'm glad Shun could do his idol's choreo but, please, someone save poor baby!!

Can we do mish-mash like that in WTT gala? I want to see Shoma or Nate dying on Zuzu's StSq :tumblr_inline_mzx8s4JRlX1r8msi5::devil3::happydance:

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