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18 hours ago, Anzi said:

You are not the only one...I also got weird feeling before CoR. I got really anxious which never happen before both ACI and Helsinki. As he arrived Moscow, I don't feel good, which was ignored by me becuz the joy of his fantastic SP. However, before watching the stream of OP on the morning of FS, my instinct just... you know I felt so differently... 


Obviously I was the only one with instincts in a mode of blissful ignorance ;)
I was very anxious before and during ACI, almost biting my nails in nervous anticipation before practices and skates in Helsinki, but before CoR and especially after his glorious short program I felt just calm and happy.. Actually after SP I told to myself  - "finally I´ll be able to watch the free skates without being nervous, he´s in great form obviously, has a cushion of some 20 points already - what could go wrong, right?" Yeah right.. :doh:

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