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12 hours ago, Hydroblade said:

But would the Canada geese protect the Swan King?

I mean...


They don't have to do that specifically. They just have to want to be where the paparazzo is standing. Ten big honkers sidling up to you will make you move, trust me.

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7 minutes ago, TallyT said:

Losing? Consider mine lost... I was looking through some downloaded vids and came across a Yuzu one set to... "kuroneko no tango"


(I wish I could find where I downloaded it from again, it was cute - dementedly silly, but cute) and I swear the thought crossed my mind that "hey, people want a tango...!" :3:


Well, maybe not Yuzu but someone in this crazy season coming...


(There's a more, err, adultish version at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i07GmJJZm7g



You mean this? 


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So apparently Boyang is not going to TCC after all, most possibly by his choice. While I understand, I'm actually very disappointed and it's not related to Yuzu but about my budding hope in watching him grow even more to eventually catch up with his contemporaries (which doesn't mean it's not possible in China, but I think TCC would have helped greatly). Welp. All the speculations about Brian talking with Yuzu about Boyang and in the end it all goes under the rug.

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3 hours ago, getsurenka said:

According to her Instagram story, Orihara-san, who designed Yuzu's Etude, R&J 1, and White Legend, seems to be at TCC


 (Hmm, can we hope for a new costume from certain someone?) 


By the way, if anyone is interested, this is her website: http://www.mu-costume.com/ath-gallery-men-mucostume.html

TFTT skirt version :LOL:


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On 8/8/2018 at 2:00 AM, ruruzest said:

new season is here :space: :crazyshit::dpooh: ( mixed zone emo !)


Reading through those tables, and seeing Tan's name crossed off brings a tear to the eye.


On 8/8/2018 at 4:32 AM, Yatagarasu said:


We should all let our inner toddlers out to play for a bit perhaps and let off steam that way. Poor planet but it has survived worse. 

I am not sure what we'll do if it ends up we need to wait until late August!


At the risk of causing immolation of the Planet, what would happen if it turns out there is no media day this year? :tongueyuzu:

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