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[2019] Japanese Nationals (18-22.12) - Practice, Fluff & All the In-betweens

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4 minutes ago, sophiang said:



Why can I just imagine him sitting down when it's dusk

and he's home and he's just cleaning them all

getting ready for the next day whether it's practice or competition or what.

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10 hours ago, Paskud said:




Narcissist! (in a good way) :embSwan:


1 hour ago, yumeaki said:

Googled Venex. Interesting company 


"The effect of the V-TEX® fibre is thereby achieved through interaction with the skin receptors." Very interesting indeed.


However here, he's many other layers under the Venex, so the effect is lost! :rofl3:


58 minutes ago, rockstaryuzu said:

He said in the interview with Shuzo that he thinks Nathan might bring 4Lz to the SP. If that's how Yuzu reads the situation, then I think it's a good bet he's probably already working on layouts with 4Lz in SP. 


Yuzu looks incredibly well-rested in today's photos. Like he didn't just sleep, but had an extremely satisfying sleep. Almost as if he got all the sleep we're not having because we're watching him. :big-bed-smiley:


Nathan already has a 4Lz in his SP in GPF, that's why I am hoping Yuzu puts it in too if it's already stable, just to be more competitive. And yes, don't we all look terrible after long haul flights... :headdesk:


Btw, Mainichi Photography (twitter here) is just gold. Love their photographs! 

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Just now, mokjakarma said:



Thank the lords!! I was Stressed™ because i couldn't pay for iSakura ajkdbsahjkdbs

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