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Men's SP starts at 12:15 KST (that's the 13th but 8:15 tonight for me) and the long is on the 14th at 4:19 (odd time)KST.  Again, makes it a little after midnight Saturday night for me.

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Ranking Competition


1. Yelim Kim 70.29

3lz3t inabauer-counter-2a 3f


2. Haein Lee 67.85

3lz3t 2a 3f


3. Young You 64.34

3a(fall) 3lz3t 3f


4. Eunsoo Lim 64.24

3lz3t< 2a(hangs on) 3f


5. Ahsun Yun 63.52

3f(step out) 2a-SE 3lz3t


6. Hanul Kim 63.14

3lz3t 3o SE-2a


7. Seoyeon Ji 61.31

3lz3t walley-2a 3lo(hangs on)


8. Siwon Lee 60.73

3t3t(no flow out) 2a 3lz


9. Seoyeong Wi 59.97

3f(fall) 2a 3lz3t<


10. Chaeyeon Kim 56.05

3lz3t(fall) 2a(hangs on) 3f


14. Yeonjeong Park 50.78

walley-2a 1lz 3f2t


16. Jihun To 50.59

3lz2t 3f(step out) 2a

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Ranking Competition

senior ladies results

1. Yelim Kim 138.94   total: 209.23

3lz3t 2a3t 3f 3lo 3lz tripped during StSq 2a2t2lo 3s


2. Young You 134.72   total: 199.06

1a 3lz3t SE-3lo 3f 3lz-eu-3s 2a3t 2a


3. Ahsun Yun 132.40   total: 195.92

3lz3t SE-3lo 3s 2a 2a3t 3lz2t2lo 3f


4. Haein Lee 123.00   total: 190.85

3lz3t< 1lo 3f 2a 2a3t 3lz2t2lo 3s


5. Eunsoo Lim 125.16   total: 189.40

3lz3t< 2a(hangs on) 3lo 3lz 3f2t2lo 3f 2a2t

6 triples program?


6. Seoyeong Wi 127.64   total: 187.61

3lz3t 3f2t 3f 2a 2a-eu-3s 3lz SE-3lo


7. Hanul Kim 112.61   total: 175.75

3lz3t< SE-2a3t 3f 2lo 3lz 3s 2a2t2lo


8. Chaeyeon Kim 117.57   total: 173.62

3lz3t 3f2t2lo(rippon) 2a 3lo 3lz 2a3t(shaky) 3s(foot down)


9. Minchae Kim 115.25   total: 170.09

3lz3t 3lo(fall) 3f 3s 3lz2t2lo 3f2t 2a


10. Siwon Lee 108.70   total: 169.43

3lz2t 3f 2a 2a 3lz 3t2t2lo 3t(fall)


11. Seoyeon Ji 102.64   total: 163.95

3a<<(2ft) 3lz(step out) 3lo2t 3f 3lo(step out, hand down) 3lz2t 2a

tbf, it was just a quarter over 2a, not sure if I should even call it a triple:huh:



15. Yeonjeong Park 96.85   total: 147.63

3lz(step out) 3lo(fall) 3s 3f 2a(fall) 3lz2t2lo 2a2t

had problems with axis on jumps



18. Jihun To 87.18   total: 137.77

3lz<2t 3f< 3s2t2lo 2s<<(2ft) 2a2t<<(fall) 3lz(fal) sit spin really slowed down  ina bauer-2a


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16 hours ago, barbara said:

Does anyone know if there has been confirmation that Jun is in Stockholm????  I have seen zero updates on him.



Here is an update from Jun :happy:

Photo from the official practice 


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