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Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

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I dont know if this thread has been open or if this is a good place to open, so admins and mods please feel free to take it down if it isnt. 



I have a lot of favorite actors and actresses (mostly east asians) since I grew up watching asian dramas. Some of them purely based on looks, some on acting, and some on both. 


In no particular order

- Leslie Cheung (Hong Kong) both

- Zhu Yi Long (China) both 

- Sun Li (China) Acting

- Zhao LiYing (China) Both

- Xiao Zhan (China) Looks but will watch his drama to judge..heard he is good 

- Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (Hong Kong) acting

- Julian Cheung (Hong Kong) Both

- Louis Koo (Hong Kong) Looks

- Selina Lee (Hong Kong) Both

- Liu Yi Fei (China) looks

- Jiang Qin Qin (China) Both

- Erika Sawajiri (Japan) Both but I dont like her personality 

- Kento Yamazaki (Japan) Looks

- Miura Harauma (Japan) Both

- Sota Fukushi (Japan) Looks

- Kentaro Sataguchi (Japan) Looks

- Suzu Hiroshe (Japan) Looks

- Tokiwa Takako (Japan) Looks

- Keiko Kitagawa (Japan) Looks

- Kyoko Fukada (Japan) Looks

- Mai Davika (Thailand) Looks

- Min Peechaya (Thailand) Looks

- Mario Maurer (Thailand) Looks

- Won Bin (Korean) Both

- Yoo Seung Ho (Korean) Both

- Jang Dong Gun (Korean) Both

- Ji Jang Wook (Korean) Both

- Yeol Jin Goo (Korean) Acting

- Park Shin Hye (Korean) Both



okay so I can conclude a few things about myself: 1. I like a lot more male actors 2. I am very shallow 3. I am old, look at all these older actors and actresses


truth is I have so many more favorites but that would make this list too long. Now I want to know about your list! Please share





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I don't think I have many actors or actresses that I truly love for what they do. I have few favourites that I tend to watch movies based on their appearances but I don't know if I truly like the actor for who they are off screen. To me, actors and actresses can project images of different characters and humans in different situations. So depending on the characters they portray, my view of the actor/actress can change quite drastically. That is why I don't really know if I like the actor/actress for who they really are or that is based on the roles they play on screen. I can't make my mind up...


I'd like to think a bit more and go down the memory lane few times before I bring up some names. Like I said, I have few favs but I don't know if I love their acting or just their appearances on few movies...so I will come back after some assignment that I'm doing (I've just checked to see what's going on in PH while I'm having a break).



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I'm into period and older movies, and will cheerfully admit that my favourite actress of all time -?


Margaret Rutherford, elderly British actress who looked like a bulldog, dressed like a parcel badly tied up with odd string, and was the best thing about so many of her movies... her Madam Arcati in Blithe Spirit is quite possibly my favourite film character of all time.

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I love Viola Davis....her movie roles are so authentic and gutwrenching...she can convey emotion with just her eyes...so incredibly talented.

She is also highly intelligent and literally came from poverty ...rags to riches through her own hard work.  

I am in awe of her talent ...if she is in a movie..I know it will be good


I enjoy Amy Adams acting as well.


I like Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry series and the western spagetti series.  He is also a very good director.

However, I think he is a sleazebag as a person: asking his partner to get multiple abortions, children with a multitude of women. 

That strikes me as a cavalier attitude towards taking responsibility for birth control.

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