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  1. Translation by Channah on GS. Subs by @yuzuonice. Please do not reupload elsewhere. 
  2. Translation by Nobuko. Please do not reupload elsewhere.   Original RAW video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3HeqwCPq7c  
  3. Translation by Nobuko. Subs by @yuzuonice. Please do not reupload elsewhere.
  4. The idea of a page for Yuzu on Wikiquote is taking concrete shape now, so I created this discussion thread here on the Planet to share quotes and exchange opinions. Here is the latest update on the page: Yuzuru Hanyu on Wikiquote The two main purposes of this project: - Bring some structure into the wild potpourri of famous Yuzu quotes, so that fans can find them easily with the exact source and proper translations. - Introduce Yuzu to the world, not only as a successful athlete but also as an eloquent speaker with impactful and iconic words. What
  5. This thread is a compilation of translations of the short video lectures by Kazuki Wakasugi of Yomiuri Shimbun. *Part 1 and 2 have already been posted in the General Yuzuru Chat. Exhibition site is here! Hanyu Yuzuru Online Exhibition (July 1, 2020 August 2 August 31, 2020) ETA (8/16/2020): On July 29th, they announced that they were going to extend this exhibition until August 31st.
  6. Hi everyone! You know the times when words fail to describe Yuzuru's skating, right? At that point, some creative commentators save us with their funny and interesting comments. This is a thread for those that you can't forget. I want to start this with my favourite Johnny Weir comments. Also feel free to add the ones you liked "It looked like water...suspended in soup." "... when he put forth what was the fourth highest score in a short program ever, you know who owns the top 3?" "Yuzuru Hanyu?" "He does."
  7. I just wanted to ask whether it is true that Yuzuru Hanyu is the first skater since Dick Button in 1951 to come back and win the world championship after finishing 5th in the first segment. Is this true?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCACbAMaqBZs6nT7h86UdY9Q username: yyskater this is probably only wishful thinking, but there's a playlist in this acc titled "hope and legacy" and it was created months before yuzu officially announced his free program for 2016-2017. there's saved vids of monster hunter, bump of chicken, and...kara??? lmao. either way this could just be a very skilled poser...
  9. Among us I have seen long-time fans that follow Yuzu since junior days, as well as new ones who joined the ride after the historical free skate at Helsinki. So it makes me curious: When did everyone discover our favorite guy? (To avoid confusion for the polling, I'd like to define "discovered" as "became a fan," instead of "heard of/saw him for the first time.") And for the "how" part, please comment to share your experience of falling for →! How did you come across him and his performances? What was the first program that you watched/that made you hooked? How did you find your way
  10. Men Free Skate Group 4 from the 2018 Olympic Games Channel: M4 Sport Language: Hungarian Commentator: Tamás Vásárhelyi
  11. Otekomachi, a news outlet of Yomiuri interviewed Kazuki Wakasugi, who is in charge of photography in Yuzuru Hanyu Online Exhibition, and Toru Yaguchi, the photographer of "Yuzuru Hanyu 2019-2020" by Hochi. (*Hochi is affiliated with Yomiuri) フィギュアスケートの羽生結弦、カメラマンが見た素顔 https://otekomachi.yomiuri.co.jp/news/20200708-OKT8T228107/ Their comments are really nice, so let me share them excerpted from the article. (Rest of the text in the article is information about the exhibition and the photobook we already know, so I skipped it in my translation. Sorry in advance.) Thei
  12. from: https://twitter.com/skatingjapan/status/1257913034883784707  
  13. I'm trying to estabilish threads for the topics that made up the natural life cycle of the previous... Hanyu fans gathering iteration So.... Talk about costumes! Your favorite ones, the ones you hate, the ones you'd like to see... :)
  14. Let's bring them back to counter-act the withdrawal syndromes! Here a list of our previous party threads for those who are new to the planet and this concept: LWOFYPP (fave programs) 09/10 10/11 11/12 12/13 13/14 14/15 15/16 16/17 Exhibitions On this thread: Happy Sappy So we were thinking of doing a favorite prgrams streaming party first and then doing a few more season streaming parties in random order. (I am craving the 11/12 season personally!!) @cirelle suggested WR programs which I think cou
  15. This is a record of Yuzuru Hanyu's only clean short program with a 4Lo so far.   I couldn't find it anywhere on YouTube (without geo-blocking), so I uploaded it here. You can find another (edited) version in the second tab.
  16. 1h30 of Javi coaching kids from Hachinohe Ice Rink, with some footage and mentions of Yuzu too  
  17. until
    We're celebrating the first anniversary of Yuzuru's second Olympic gold medal this coming weekend and we're going to watch the full short program and free skate of the men's event on 16th and 17th February This will be the first streaming party, the men's short program. Streaming link: https://www.rabb.it/sallycinnamon
  18. Yeah, well. Troll-Yuzu striked again with Parisienne Walkways at Skate Canada @yuzuangel I followed your request and opened a new poll/thread. However, I decided to change the items a bit according to some suggestions that I've read here or in the gala thread.
  19. Since today is the anniversary of Yuzu winning his 2nd World title i wanted to start this thread Hope and Legacy a.k.a. the best free skate ever (until he skate a better one ) which he became the first and remains the only male skater in history to score above 220 points. Edit: Since yt deleted the legendary video with more than 3M views, here is the back up one
  20. Does anyone know if Yuzu is working on new programs for this season? Any information is appreciated. I asked my skater friend (who has trained with Yuzu before but is currently taking time off due to asthma) but she didn't know anything...
  21. Well, in less than two weeks Yuzu will probably reveal his brand new EX program at Skate Canada. What do you think will that be?
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