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  1. A small update on tickets. The October schedule for ticket info seems to be not that certain now. Instead they just say they will release updates once they receive new guidelines from the Swedish authorities
  2. It looks like they've postponed Worlds ticket sales until at least October
  3. So the ¥320K is really just the ticket price. Even with the handling fee that just might be the highest price of tickets so far? I can't recall how much the most expensive tickets were for Montreal
  4. A thread showing basis of conclusions Zhenya had been traveling around Japan despite requests from local governments to avoid non-essential travel
  5. SOI Yokohama will be postponed to April 2021 They will announce the cast around Nov/Dec this year. Afterwards, there will be a refund period until Dec 31st. Refunded tickets will be resold
  6. Refund instructions for cancelled Osaka and Aichi shows
  7. Yuzu will be performing at Stars on Ice!!!
  8. Yay the forum's back! Just as a heads up to everyone that the Music With Wings Guidebook can now be purchased online 🙂
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