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  1. So... maybe her actual program costume isn't done yet bc it's still so early in the season and that was the only thing fitting to the music she could get her hands on? I'm grasping at straws
  2. Same. Also her programmes from the season before that... This music doesn't really bring out her strengths.
  3. I am not going to comment on what she's wearing other than.... dresses accentuate her flowy skating. I think she needs to learn how to add 3T to her 3Lo in competition at this point also I am not sure I like this music for her...
  4. I actually don't mind this angle that much. Gives you a better feeling for ice coverage also yay, Kaori on the ice
  5. This one made me tear up a little and it seems like there’s going to be more coming out on Saturday. This is.... pure bliss
  6. Since nothing has been submitted yet (where are you guys??) I'll try to get it rolling As you can tell, it's a more minimalist approach to a banner. Hope you guys still like it!
  7. but cut them apart and tadaaa you have one banner that supports Yuzu and another that denounces isu and maybe you should not hold them both up at once
  8. Yeah i meant banners that have no Yuzu reference
  9. You know. How about banners that read something like “more accountability for judges” (just an example, probably not concise and striking enough to garner attention.)
  10. I‘m all for this! Might try to come up with a design later and I agree that it should clearly state our support for Yuzu specifically.
  11. Oh boy. I am mad. But Yuzu looks so beautiful and that's what I wanna focus on. Scores are shit and meaningless. He did incredibly well for it being so early in the season.
  12. Can someone link that stream that is supposedly working? it's not working for me
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