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  1. kaeryth

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Otonal!Neko Masamune ready for Worlds!
  2. kaeryth

    Media Link Requests

    Not sure if this was exactly what you're looking for...
  3. kaeryth

    The Great Fanyu Network

    If previous ACI's are indications then you don't need to worry about crappy seats since there are no assigned seating.
  4. kaeryth


    If Yuzu had attended the Laureus awards fanartist's renditions!
  5. I think it's because comebacks usually gives us feelings of awe and being inspired which Woods with his history really doesn't evoke well.
  6. kaeryth

    Media Link Requests

    Does this work for you?
  7. Happy Birthday Misha "Piña" Kolyada!