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  1. It took me a whole eternity to finally fall asleep this past night asgkkjj I blame that for not being already up before men practice so yeah, I probably won't be able to sleep anyway. I just need to accept that I'll be a zombie on Friday even before Yuzuru skates
  2. but idk about Rika on one side, Yuzuru with "discomfort" in his right ankle was landing quads up to 4Lo left and right (and many beautifully) last ACI but avoiding the 3Lz, so it doesn't sound entirely not-plausible that Rika has something that prevents her only from specifically doing the 3Lz but allows her to o in reasonable enoug "safety" other jumps... on the other hand, going for a completely new and high-risk element when her right ankle/foot isn't obviously 100% (and maybe not even 90%) sounds worrying...especially since 1)higher risk of more serious injury (more so if 4S isn't landed fully rotated) and 2) not really needed in this particular comp (but it would be needed to podium in the final, but idk, the team has been quite cautious thus far so I don't get why they would suddenly embrace danger without solid reasoning behind and confidence that Rika is in proper condition?) anyway @Sweetangelyuzu nice delurking you did! I hope so though...the idea of getting up at 2.30 am isn't that appealing but...for Yuzu...
  3. Anyway, has anyone noticed that Yuzu was the smol in a group with many tall guys? Roman, Conrad, Koshiro...even uncle Alexei is listed as taller... Sota looks somehow taller too? Even if they should be exactly the same? Are the data on his profile updated? LOL I realized that watching him bounce up and down amidst that sea of tall guys before they entered the rink (I know he was just warming up, but it looked extra-endearing in context ) In the sp things will be better balanced, he'll be middle of the pack both height-wise amd age-wise (together with Jason) Eta: presscon
  4. So they weren't even remotely as (annoyingly)fair as SC practices, uh? Can't complain No sound looks like acceptable sacrifice for official Yuzucam is this a first ever for a nhk? I woke up exactly 5 minutes before Zu's RT and I felt all the weight of kuyashii for not having woken up earlier to set the streaming (but considering I had to prepare for work, I guess just following tweets was better for me lol) 4Lo I hope you'll show your gorgeous self in the actual fs too (do I need to pray for 3A now too?) All in all, considering he arrived less than 24h ago, solid practice. So much effortlessness and airtime on his good jumps too, beautiful full cool down routine (did they really cut his lower body while he did his final SE into bows?😱) But Rika still without Lz makes me worry instead it somewhat worries me more than her going for 4S (wish she didn't felt like she needs that...a cleanish SCI layout would allow her to go to gpf but maybe she wants some comp mileage for the quad before the final? Bb Please be healthy ) Nice new dress. Loved the colour of the previous, but this one is in a rather unusual shade. Waiting to see it in better quality cam
  5. I must thank Yuzu for bringing his smiley, adorkable self to break the pre-comp anxiety though what the heck did he put in that concoction of his? LMAO one would have doubts that there is actual hot choco in that cup... I bet he couldn't even take a real sip with all those toppings he put there well, at least he knows that wasn't his most brilliant performance
  6. ouch whoever thought throwing a whole photobook was a good idea should rethink quite a lot of things, at a point it becomes just common sense... (especially since there are safer and more suitable ways to deliver such an item). Regulations for the gifts sounds the reasonable route, e.g.only soft/light items and flowers, all wrapped, to be thrown as skaters take their bows would be, I think, a perfectly reasonable regulation and fulfill most foreseeable safety issue. Most gifts tend to land close to the boards so skaters would be mostly safe while they bow in the centre of the rink (and yeah, it would also help if wrappings were provided on site too) (anyway, do people also really throw rigid plastic toys? that's dangerous, it would be like throwing a stone...) anyway, going to sleep, waiting to see if I'll wake up on my own when the time comes (like this it sounds a bit ominous LOL)
  7. I would understand any safety concern better if the throwing gifts&flowers hadn't worked perfectly fine for years in multiple venues without accidents (aside the occasional soft plushie hitting a judge or a bag being thrown by mistake LOL) Iirc the venue for Nats had allowed flowers in some previous comp, so the hard ban is even more baffling... and again, I remember Poohs being sold maybe in RC17 in the arena itself, now that's what I call smart business Also funny that official gpf account is going to great lenghts to let us know what every competitor likes so we can get appropriate plushies for each of them LOL I actually find that very endearing, definitely nice that they try to let us know these little things about the skaters
  8. I would have appreciated if they had requested buyers to show live (or withing reasonable time) a mandatory (decent)quota of their competitions...while Rai only bothered showing Zu weeks after...and boradcasted live only a couple events, accidentally those I didn't care much about LOL then again, since I couldn't care less about Rai commentary and vpn is working... quoting myself because I've remembered reading about fans carrying plushies to this comp, so they must be allowed. So the prohibition was for Nats only...
  9. oh no, now I miss sit twizzles again to Yuzuru's credit that I don't actually miss them while watching Origin I wonder if he'll try again to enter his first3A combo with SE...probalby yes, and choose to eventually skip them only if the combo troubles him again in practice... ... somebody please reminds me, are we going to see PoohRain in NHK or where plushies banned? Or was that for Nats? What about flowers? ETA: nice to hear more young skaters being inspired by what Yuzu has done and still doing for the sport. Awwwwing at the thought of some of them (Sota!) having the chance to share the ice with him. Reminds me of younger Zu giggling happily during Sochi practice when Plushy skated also, thanks for reminding me that hot choco is a thing, I had some milk I needed to finish but wanted to do something with it... hot chocolate sounds perfect!
  10. Maybe he'll go to 4cc to experiment? Well Nate in his GPs wasn't even as remotely clean as Yuzu in SC and still got 300, so I expect his scores to increase A LOT from now on. PCS-wise he's also being scored more consistently high than Yuzu ever was, his mistakes have NOT made him lose 5-6 points in the free or 3 in the SP... so I wouldn' count on judges appropriately scoring clean Yuzu with SC layout more than clean Nate with similar layout. Even if Nate were to be 'conservative' in his layout in Turin and even if he weren't clean and lost, it wouldn't matter. His usual trend is to up layout and condition by USNats, so he gets the hyperinflation, and then carry on that form and confidence and hype to WC... so it would definitely be better if Yuzu could upgrade and test a layout with 4Lz (or more) before WC...
  11. But but I want to believe!😭 I hope for at least 1 3Lz in the FS, I need a good proper 3Lz among ladies plz Anyway Yuzu please put on a COAT! jeez isn't he cold?
  12. (Or if it was a quad or a triple ) Anyway Zu made me forget to say that if Rika has 3Lz back I'm happy! Bb healty again!
  13. You.are.a.GENIOUS! Am I the only one who, even considering the field would be a nice opportunity for some layout testing, didn't really expect Yuzu would actually change his layout? It's NHK, and the second GP. We are extra-worried I think for him the psychological burden must be worse. IMO his priority is to survive the thing unscathed. Training 4Lz of all jumps (or 4A) wouldn't increase his chances to do so, and, thinking about how much environment and mentality can influence him, he might think the strategic cons outweight the strategic pros. He wants to avoid injury and be healthy for gpf and Nats. Yeah of 4Lo is dangerous, he knows that all too well, but going for 4Lz is an additional danger, one that might be too much when in his mind is already fighting the ghosts of NHK17 and RC18. It might be better to just keep old layout and worry about beating Nathan when he will, effectively, be taking part in the next comp. He might have felt compelled to risk it anyway if SC had given him different answers, but SC went well and maybe he feels he can stall the upgrade a little bit more. Though there is little time before gpf, so I wouldn't expect a layout upgrade there either, tbh...(unless he has been practicing 4Lz layout all this time in practice too, then he might have the confidence, and it would depend on how much he thinks his chance of winning will be increased or impaired by that change) (Tbh, I was giving 4Lz as much more likely in SC than NHK or GPF) ... Now watch him destroy all my reasoning 😅 Anyway, I don't know if he would really go for 5 quads unless he gets a ACI phantom calls/Saitama scoring repeat. And I don't think he would move a 3A in place of 3Lz. I have never consider that switch. I would expect more a 3Lo or even a quad... moving 3A there and having a 4T3T later would IMO be too risky, a 4T would still require more focus and stamina than a 3A late in the program (and I find it comforting that he ends with two 3As, ok?) (It looks like Russian organizers are happy to grab a new business opportunity when they see one) FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. afaik every venue (and hosting fed?) decides what to allow for practices (if they will be open to fans to begin with, if fancams and pics can be taken). Canada is usually very liberal (and SkateCanadafed goes as far as streaming practices on their own channel and, heck, even provided commentary this season... I have my guess on why they did that). Russia is very liberal too, and they always stream tons of local comps too (which is great to let people get to know the skaters more...wish getting footage from Jpn local comps was as easy), they let fans watch test skates and allow fancams and all. Not surprising this year a russian channel also streamed practices. In Japan, sadly, usually fancams and fan-taken pics are aren't allowed at all, and afaik practices have never been streamed fully either. I guess they prefer to have "exclusive" content to broadcast on tv (sometimes live, I guess, but usually later)... so I have never expected that NHKpractices would be streamed (sigh) and I don't expect fancams or fan pics for the whole comp either (double sigh)...and no Zu-fancam at the gala (triple sigh) Well, at least, with Yuzuru being who he is, we'll have some snippets, we'll get a few good jumps and some steps or Zu laughing or looking VeryIntense. I bet we'll also get some Alina, Alena and Rika (not sure about who'll get more coverage between Alina and Rika tbh), and maybe some Sota and Koshiro... but even for Yuzu...we'll get only a couple minutes...out of how much? 35 minutes of each practice? so much good content we won't ever get to see... and the worst thing is that I bet they'll have the whole thing recorded (after all, they can't know when a beautiful jump will be landed), but they'll hide it in the cave where the full footage of 2017Hana ni Nare disappeared... (anyway I hope the complain about lack of footage will be the worst thing that will happen at this NHK) well, now going to sleep and hoping to wake up to news of safe arrival and a 129400 tweets with the same pic of a certain spacekitten smiling (assuming said spacekitten hasn't already ninja-ed his way to Japan)
  15. I remember finding that whole pimple affair SO funny, definitely a way to cope with...everthing else a big fat YES to the second sentence
  16. good summary of how I felt when I saw the thread was up though maybe I'm leaning more on the second EXACTLY! I wanna d! We got 1A sbsx3 so...yeah no unlikely (but please can I at least have ONE sbs with Rika? I''ve been waiting for it for too long) that's a cool idea too! and that's why I lowkey wanted Zu to have COR (since COR streams practices and/or allows fancams sob) On the other hand, looking forward to good camerawork! for the gala too! (YES, Zu will still have his two healthy ankles and everything in gala, and after gala too, and in GPFTurin, and after Turin, and at Nats and and and can he please just always have reasonably healthy everything?) Usually it would be a no-brainer for me (especially first practice is at reasonable hour),BUT...no, no buts, I don't think I'll be able to sleep through the thing anyway, not for this comp YES!x100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ETA: I high-key hoped Yuzuru would arrive in Japan earlier this time, tohave extra time to adjust to everything and fight any eventual travelling-related cold or whatever (and it looks like Sapporo is rather freezing atm too so yeah, I'm a bit worried) @WinForPooh
  17. thank you @sweetwater for translating Nobu's blogpost reading that, I can feel that the harassment came as something truly incomprehensible and unexpected for Nobu, I feel his disbilief and even, perhaps, his questioning himself to understand what he could have possibly done wrong. I'm glad that now he's standing his ground. It won't be easy in court to talk again about what is a dark time for him, I hope at least it will bring good things for him, as some form of "catharsis" (and hopefully positive outcome too), and for the figure skating world and people at large as awareness.
  18. as I thought, I have bombed Rostelecom I'm being quite conservative for NHK predictions... (if Zu exceedes my expectations, I'll be happy to bomb another round). Sad that G/F have no chance for the final, I hope Marco's hand is (reasonably)fine now. Most important outcome for me is that those who were injured and couldn't go to the GPF last season will be healthy and in GPF this time + please give me bb Rika in GPF too (less concerned about Alena because of her previous gold, that would also make her win tons of tiebreakers if needed)
  19. I believe I have bombed all Rostelecom predictions (minus ID) in a very impressive way (Also, Samarin, like Kosto, apparently is immune to my jinxing. Bell to an extent, too. Hence...I don't jinx...maybe)
  20. Super congrats to Ekaterina! Wow! even if she was on home ice, for a skater of a small fed to get that score is really good! Hopefully she'll persuade judges to take note of her in WC too As for Men, it looks like Mozalev keeps being more consistent than most. Good for him (Joseph...I hope he has his best in store for Nats and JWC hopefully)
  21. Waiting for a more comprehensive translation of the whole press con (since thus far I have seen only parts and google translate might not be the most reliable source)... Shameful that Kandai told Nobu they would ask for resignment of both harasser and harassed if harassed dared speaking out. Really says a lot about silence culture and placing more importance on "good image" rather than having a truly peaceful environment (also says a lot about institutions being reluctant to take a stand when the harasser is high profile and brings results) Nobu was brave and chose maybe the harder path for himself, instead of quietly letting go (and sometimes it happens that one just wants something to end as fast as possible). Just looking at how he looks in the press-con makes me angry. As for Hamada, I suppose it's another good reminder for me that kind-looking people can be as bad as anyone. Shouldn't Kandai now make her to resign though? They told Nobu so, and now it is public... Hopefully Yamato Tamura is, instead, the good person he looks to be, and can keep coaching the skaters. It's probably too much to hope skaters themselves won't be affected by all of this, but I hope they'll be protected as much as possible
  22. Late but congrats to the medallists and yay yay G/P in Turin yay! (But what's happened to Lajoie/Lagaha? and can someone in Montreal-whatever-it's called-now-academy please please please care about levels?)
  23. Congratulations to the medallists! Congratulations to Yuma for another solid FS! It looks like he's skating on quite high level rather consistently (which is a very welcomed bonus from a fed perspective too, I guess). Sorry that for Shun this was a very kuyashii FS. Even if I'd rather not have him do a 4Lz (though Shun's isn't the worst 4Lz out there... which says a lot about what we've see thus far), it was unfortuante that he couldn't land the jump like he did in the warm up. But glad he still got the silver (so it will be hard for JSF to let him out of JWC again). Though I don't like the game JSF is playing with PCS. Anyway, it looks like both the boys died on stsq leves gosh (though Yuma did rather well on spins levels at least) Sad to hear Kao might be injured again?still?? sad that he (and bb Azusa, I miss her programs) won't have the chance to skate at sr nats... but maybe he'll have more time to recover this way? (wishful thinking) Especially happy for Tomoe and my bb Mana! Very happy that she landed a beautiful 3A too, and I hope she'll keep slowly but surely upgrading her layout (and please wait before going for a quad) Congratulations to Mana, Yuma and UtaShin for the Youth Olympics! Especially for UtaShin, what an achievement to have earned a spot of Japan ID! btw, Shingo's layback IB in his singles FS looks very similar to JunHwan's (and Javi's too) down to the arms movemement...(still, beautiful to see, and he uses as entry for a combo wow)
  24. (It reminded me of when sometimes Javi's axis would go completely straight and then get a lean on the wrong direction, it resulted in scary-looking falls or trademark supersave) After the nitpicking to Kaori's jump axis as a reason not to give her better goe (or Yuzu's 3A e.g. in GPHelsinki...yeah it had a lean but at least it was much more stable, Samarin's axis clearly changed several degrees and when you can clearly see that without slow mo...) I find it very ironic that, apparently, axis wildly changing during the jump is now considered exemplary "good body position" (clearly they gave him that bullet, since steps are out of question) As for the great European hope...well, isn't it obvious? Eta: I wouldn't underestimate the circumstance of Sasha Samarin being CSKA. He's being pushed internally for a while afaik, but Misha skating better than him in past WCs made Misha stay in the somewhat precarious role of Russian men.1 Now Misha is temporarily out, Kovtun retired and Sasha has both the 4Lz and the 4F and so fits the narrative of BIG QUADS! YEAH!!!, the push will probably increase if he keeps being...more reliable than most (of course the scoring, too, helps in making him look "more reliable than most". Rep is, after all, largely based on perception, more than reality) Anyway, geez, why does Sasha look such a nice and lovable guy? I feel bad for not liking his skating and ranting about his scoring so much
  25. What if they forgot how to land 2A tho? Anyway, disappointed but not surprised at the scoring. Disappointed that for same elected few landing a jump is enough to get +5 while someone else needed 2 seasons of beautiful huge jumps out of transitions to finally have +5 ONCE.... Surprised that RusFed was so greedy to kick Shoma out of podium, even with that layout it was matter of giving 'suitable' pcs... in other circumstances, and other places, no way it would have gone like this. Then again, with all the whining that has been going on this past week from that fed, not that surprising Anyway, Shoma's layout makes no sense. Even with 4F out (which might point out to some physical issue or just wanting to rebuild confidence slowly) keeping the darn 4T combo at the end of a program when he could better have the sal combo, or a solo 4T or even the 3A combo tbh.... it's utterly nonsensical, point-wise, logic-wise, everything-wise. Just...why? Still, glad it was better than IDF Sigh for Dima and his invalid elements (why, Dima, why?) LMAO so Sasha Samarin got THAT score and those pcs with only ONE quad? What kind of sorcery is this? How will they justify it this time, since he didn't even had the power of the Quads? I think only Nathan could manage such a feat (I wouldn't even be confident Yuzu could, looking at how he was scored at ACI), amazing in a rather horrific way what RusFed is doing, but they must be feeling so over the moon since they finally have someone that doesn't melt...much Sorry as I read protocols I am going more LMAO by the second. Samarin actually has only the 3rd bv and not even first in TES. I must have missed the memo of him having become an "artistic" skater. Double LMAO at his PCS being two points higher that TES what kind of alternate reality is this?😅😱 (Sorry, Sasha, that I am picking on you, but it's just...glaring)
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