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  1. ....And how are they going to "select" those 12? Why only 2 out of 4 disciplines would suddenly get twice the usual number of entries? We already knew pairs don't exist, but now ID too?😱 and what even would be the sense of randomly adding 12 more skaters to a comp during a pandemic? And at this point, if "gpf" is to be delayed till Feb and even lose its traditional top6 format, just host the Australian 4CC in Beijing instead and use that as olympic test event (especially since it looks pretty unlikely that dozens of foreign skaters will be allowed into Australia, come February) The sensible thing at this point would be to just let go of a "final" that would only be a major joke (since panels deciding who to send there will be 100% biased) and focus, instead, on how to organize 4cc and Euros in the best possible way: it looks they haven't spent these past month to make proper plans in that sense..
  2. By "represent Sambo", do they mean that Alyona is gonna skate "for them" while training elsewhere? iirc Zhenya after moving to TCC still represented them, right? So does this "only" mean that Sambo will still get a cut of her earnings/get fundings on her behalf? (And who's paying Plushenko then?) I wonder what makes a skater more "marketable" than others. In theory, Alyona has everything: she is sweet-looking, smart, successful and beautiful too, a combo that would certainly attract sponsors. It would be honestly baffling if the reason that kept sponsors away would be her plans to retire after 2022: Anya and Sasha may have very different plans rn but, with a scarily deep field and unforgiving training regime wearing their bodies mercilessly, odds are against them (and a company making investments would be naive not to take that into account). Alyona is almost universally loved by fs fans &commentators, she is a gorgeous skater with gorgeous elements and 3A too... so is she, as as a "character", less appealing to a general public? Would it be the lack of quad or of a cute dog or of a pretty change of dress? was it "only" one failed negotiation? But then why didn't she had more offers?
  3. LOLsob, I've realized only now that ISU doesn't say anything about "domestc GP" scores NOT counting towards PB and SB...so it's still possible they will count. With whole panels from the host countries. What could possibly go wrong? As if Nats scores weren't enough of a joke as it is I'm ready for ISU to use those extremely reliable scores to determine who goes their "gp final" As for 4A, who knows. We don't even have an inkling about if and how seriously Yuzu has restarted training or. I guess it is possible it could still be ratified if it were landed in some "domestic gp". After all, ISU ratified the first "quad" "lz" from... YT footage of a USFSA-sanctioned comp 🙄 https://web.archive.org/web/20120210092447/http://www.isu.org/vsite/vnavsite/page/directory/0,10853,4844-205151-222374-nav-list,00.html?id=929
  4. I didn't expect ISU would have heard my request for official statement and promptly provided said statement LOL I shoul complain more often then Honestly it's a better statement than what I would have expected, though the issue for skaters outside of GP host nations holds. I truly hope that if a GP truly goes on in a neighboring country, they, too, will get the chance to safely compete there From how things look, I can't imagine on which criteria a gpf can be held, when getting a traditional top6 will be...difficult, to say the least (and there would be massive int travel involved), but I guess we'd be asking too much from ISU too soon, so I'll wait for more info Also, I still don't see how a GP in places where pandemic is far from under control Also, I guess this means Yuzuru, UtaShin might not go back to Canada for...a while. (If Canada lifts their restrictions towards Korea, on the other hand, I could see JunHwan going back to TCC and compete in SC, if SC goes on...and uf he trusts leaving one of the few places that have been handling pandemic the best) (Nooooooooooo don't remind me)
  5. Chatgroup it is, then (Not surprised someone like P*il would think judging from home would be a good idea. Also...work on what kind of software? 'Cause you can't just go on play store, download the one ISU uses on your laptop and just... score with it) I'll wait for ISU to kindly give a more official(and detailed) statement, 'cause everything sounds way too vague, but if there's gonna be some kind of virtual comp, than I really hope that 1) they solved the issue of how to make sure everyone has same equipment, same camerawork, rink conditions (including also things from rink size to ice quality, to audio quality) Or 2) these "comps will be used ONLY to give skaters some training and feedback about their programs., but no ranking points, no official PB, no prize money. If they go on with making official stats without conditions being remotely as reproducible as when everyone competes in the same venue, with judges all watching whole comp from the same position etc, ISU might as well start including Nats scores in their stats (and kiss goodbye to what remains of their credibility)
  6. thank you for the info. I hope Shingo especially takes care the rise of Tokyo cases just shows how unpredictable things are, even domestic movements might become difficult anytime as for Yuzu
  7. Isn't the red cross one old? Like from when he was a wee 20yo? And yes, we are cacti because we haven't seen him skating since early feb footage from 2019 doesn't count😤 Zuzu, could you please give is a glimpse of the ice in your August update? Despite how nice your white wall is, we'd prefer to see you with ice-chan
  8. You gave me a heart attack for a moment with Bruce because I knew he also competed in singles, but...a quad was a bit too wild 🤯 Glad to see Joseph and Conrad are having fun😁
  9. I do wonder why Shoma isn't in Champery with the rest of them - especially since he hadn't been working with them for long (training camps aside). He clearly could travel if he wished to. Maybe with the season being up in the air he sees no reason to rush in foreign land Rika's timing for her part time training in Canada was unfortunate, sadly - at this point, with cases in Japan being on the rise again, I see it hard for her (or Utashin or Yuzu) to be allowed in Canada any time soon, even if they're not living any close to the Tokyo hotspot (where are Utashin training btw?) Nor I expect them to chance an intercontinental flight with feds' letters as the only thing to sway border officers to let them in And with chances of borders closing again at any moment, early challengers out of question per JSF choice and the uncertainty about GP series, I can see why skaters would prefer to stay put and wait instead of going to Canada as soon as they would be able to Those are beautiful pics and the place looks stunning An aside, tomorrow I'll leave for the land of no wi-fi (aka my parents' holiday house) and I'll have the chance to go and watch a similar sunrise only, a few thousands miles from Satton's, on a different sea
  10. I hope Alena Kanysheva can have a successfull partnership and career (and hopefully Russian ID field can be slightly less cutthroat than Ladies'), but I'll never not be sad thinking what a good and well rounded singles skaters she was - with such good jumping technique too, which is so rare I wanna thank Russian FS drama for being one of the few reliable things in these uncertain times (the others being Zuzu being the bestest and most adorkable GOAT and ISU being...well, ISU) also, this unexpected move of Alyona's feels a lot like karma for that Best coach fakeaward jokes aside, I'm utterly surprised by the move, but also kinda glad, but also not much hopeful about Plushenko's coaching being actually that different from Eteri's Though at least there Alyona will "only" have Sasha as rival, and not a whole army of novices and juniors breathing on her neck and quadding left and right... ETA: aaand I had forgotten Zhilina had decamped to Plushenko too Still, less crowded that Eteri's camp, at the moment (Wonder how the internal politicking will work out...will the Eteri bonus be split with Plushy? Will it become Plu bonus?) two weeks would make it consistent with a split happening around 18 July It feels unlikely a skater had organized a move as far back as May and then waited two whole months...for what? I can believe that Alyona had started mulling over the idea of changing coach earlier - quarantine gives people plenty of time to reassess - but she still chose to stick around and see. Then a combinatins of things - the ...unsatisfying choreo/choice of music, the not-yet-recovered 3A and so on - might have pushed her to change plans. (Anyway, why does Rus fed even bother with having a deadline for coaching changes? It looks like lately everyone does as it pleases them) Plushenko is such a savage I do hope Alyona can have better programs, like programs with stsq that fully highligh her skills instead of keeping her confined in a tiny portion of the rink (honestly, watching her stsq live was a bit disappointing for the lack of the ice coverage I'd expect from her) Though I don't know what to expect from the choreographers Plu uses... I hope whoever does choreo won't do another generic how-many-meaningless-moves-can-I-fit-in-4-minutes with some unnecessary and overdramatized story to "elevate" the program (no more exploiting real tragedies to get bonus points. Also, we've already got enough souls, angels and paintings subjects wandering around, thank you very much)
  11. Glad to hear about your friend, praying for your grandfather to get better too. Take your time, we're here if there's anything you need. Sending virtual hugs and thank you for the vid, those quotes + the music + the scenes are so touching Marina is still lifting Gwendal like the boss she is LMAO this is so funny especially coming from USA LOL "best performer on ice since Yuzuru Hanyu" (it makes it sound as if Yuzu happened ages ago) I wonder if they just googled best skater, got Yuzu and went with that can't fault the comparison tho so... after Yuzu's programs being like good cheese & wine, now we have wine being like Yuzu
  12. late to the party to comment on the Lotte CM, and pretty much all the gushing has been done altready but I wanted to remark on this hydroblade, since I haven't seen gifs or discussion about this I'm mesmerized by how Yuzu exits that hydro: he gets a little push with his hand, stands up, switches from inside to outside and then just holds that edge(and quite deep too)... everything done so casually. His free leg just barely grazes the ice for a moment, his weight stays on his right foot the whole time I mean, ok, for someone who can go from hydro in a flying entry into spin, or into 3A (tho that one wasn't landed well) or into a gigantic leap, this probably doesn't require as big an effort, but still, it looks sooooo smooooooooth and satisfying to watch endlessly I'm kinda wondering if Zuzu could lift his left leggy up in a fan spiral after the hydroblade, it would make for such a coooool move also, time to bring back this other beauty of a hydroblade exit at one of CiONTU finale Also, I'm the first one to complain when cameramen don't film whole body of the skater during stsq, but GOSH, THAT Origin stsq? If they film Yuzu's footwork like that, I'll take all the feet-focused footagebut gimme another comera angle with full body too plz That stsq is really INSANE! It makes me sad that comp footage often doesn't translate the awesomess of it (and why I love fancams too) thank you for these pics, the cover looks truly gorgeous pirateYuzu was one of his rare appearances in a (semi)comedic role, in a group number for The ICE 2011. Thanks to @kaeryth's media compilation for making it so easy to find all the links direct link ETA: LMAO @IceWings beat me to it In general, digging in The Ice 2011 and 2012 group numbers and fluff, it's possible to find a few great gems. Sadly, back then, Yuzu-focused cam wasn't a thing yet, so we need to deploy all our "spot the tiny Zu in the background" skills Also, @Marie-E , if you still haven't seen it and you want to see some former skaters of the era of Gwendal Peizerat on the same ice of Yuzu, there's the ice show Heroes & Future 2018 in Nagano. It was held to celebrate 20 years from Nagano Olympics and they invited some skaters from Nagano Olympics, many medallists from OWG2018 and many young Jpn skaters, too. Yuzu was in the middle of recovering his jumps after the famous ankle injury he got before OWG18, and it was the first time he performed to an exhibition version of H&L. Since he was doing his jumps rehab during iceshows, he wasn't on top of his form, but we were getting emotional over every little progress! We were delighted at his 3F(stepout) in H&L, since it meant his right ankle was well enough to pick with his right foot and stsq always a beauty, no matter what Asian dream song (one of the two pieces used for H&L) is linked to Nagano Paralympics 1998, so Yuzuru's choice to skate to Hope&Legacy as a two-times OGM in Nagano was meaningful for many different reasons. Yuzuru's choices for which EX to skate are always like that: when he doesn't have one fixed EX for the whole season, he usually picks one that has some kind of connection with the event/place where he's skating. And that's the reason why many of us predicted he would skate to H&L for Heroes&Future in Nagano, after having been freshly crowned two-times OGM Another popular bet was on Seimei: NHK15, when he broke 200 and 300 points with that program, had been held in the venue for Nagano OWG, and after ending his free skate, back then, Yuzuru pointed to the Olympic rings still there. It's entirely possible he was already planning back then that he'd bring Seimei to PyeongChang2018 All according to his plans Here Kaeryth compiled the video sources for Heroes&Future 2018, full broadcast included: I highly recommend also watching the finale to Never Enough, with the short but lovely Plushenko-Yuzu side by side choreo (tho Zuzu >> Plushy, sorrynotsorry ) and the final rounds of greetings. Many super sweet and wholesome interactions, it always fills me with joy
  13. Stress chewing? Kuyashii chewing? (Refraining from chewing judges's heads instead?) Way too optimistic to me😅 a pity it didn't work that way, it would have been pretty epic on the other hand, maybe now we can hope in another epic Yuzu CM? (tho maybe I should just settle for hoping there will be Olympics)
  14. WAIT! How is it possibile he's 30yo already? Happy bday!
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