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  1. I am officially a tissue box, heheh. Probably not a Pooh one but still a tissue box. :winky:

  2. This is truly one of the most inspiring stories I've ever heard. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
  3. I am so happy for you! I'm glad you feel better now thanks to Yuzu. I truly believe that the kindness of Yuzu also lies in you.
  4. My music taste consists mostly of figure skating program music and a few completely random songs here and there. It has been like that for a while, probably ever since I became a fan of figure skating but I did use to listen Kpop for a while before that.
  5. I've had this app for a while!! It was sooooo addicting the first few weeks, I got to a point where majority of my skaters had at least two quads and it was nice to see but I got a bit tired of it eventually. I feel like this game could be so great if it had some other features like pairs and ice dance, customizable characters, extra dialogue, live online skating battles etc. Somehow I feel like Yuzu may have also played this game as well. Gotta get that quaxel even virtually.
  6. Every time I rewatch Olympic Seimei I feel like I can't breath from the stress even though I already know the results. Does anyone else feel the same?
  7. Watching Yuzu's interviews always makes me feel so refreshed. Even if I watched an interview many times I still feel like I learn something new about him every time I rewatch.
  8. Ohhhh I see, I should probably hold back then just in case I come up with something better.
  9. I would honestly buy this jar the millisecond I saw it.
  10. Still lowkey crying about the fact that we could have gotten Il Volo with Swanyu last year.
  11. I feel like someone has already said this already but I'd love to see Yuzu skate to El Tango De Roxanne, or any tango for that matter. Knowing how powerful his step sequences are he would be able to pull of a tango very easily and make it look magical.
  12. That's true. The more I think I about it the more I realize how quick I was to react and share. That article was probably trying to create a fuss. I apologize once again.
  13. 15 year old Yuzu in Russia. https://twitter.com/yuzuscheekmoles/status/1351851915274031104?s=20
  14. Cute little alien. I apologize for the post, I will try to delete it.
  15. Aaaaw. https://twitter.com/yuzuscheekmoles/status/1362908425957613574?s=20
  16. Big bro Yuzu!! This post has been tagged by Fay as [NEWS].
  17. I keep trying but I just can't convince her. I've shown her so many programs of his but she only gets excited when I show her his baby pictures.
  18. I'm not exactly sure but I did hear that it was one of those trashy gossip magazines.
  19. Is that the same stalker from last year? The one that stalked him in public, took pictures of him and posted them on an article?
  20. After rewatching Tenchi a couple of times I can officialy say that my heart is a puddle on the floor.
  21. Do you guys think Yuzuru still practices Kendama?
  22. So many potential auntie Fanyus everywhere this week! This time it is my actual aunt too! She came by for a visit today to see my mother and I was just rewatching Yuzuru's programs from JNats. She got a glimpse of my screen while she was walking behind me and stood next to me to see Tenchi with me. I had shown her Yuzu before and she even looked him up on Google on her own a couple of months back but today was the first time she saw him skate. At a point where the camera focused on his face she said "He's so beautiful and tall!" Aaaahhh, if only it was this easy to make
  23. I hope Yuzu gets to start training safely again soon!
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