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  1. I always thought that Yuzuru's words have a pretty flow so I pay attention to what he says and how he says it, most of the time I even write down words I don't know so I can look them up later. There's just one tiny problem... he speaks so fast sometimes... Slow down buddy, I can't understand you!
  2. Omg yay!! We finally got queen Swanyu to two million!! Absolutely deserved, I love Swanyu so much. :'D
  3. I think that the word forehead in Japanese is one of the words that can take an お in front of them without really changing the meaning just like the word tea which is 茶 but can also be お茶. (Please correct me if I'm wrong).
  4. He really dropped a huge bomb on us... dissapointed. I wasn't a fan of his skating but I still I thought he was a pretty decent guy... nope. Even in his incoherent answer his true thoughts are pretty clear.
  5. Olympic Notte Stellata is about 4k views away from 2mil! Stream stream stream!!
  6. Ooooohh, good luck with your results and good luck with N1!
  7. I know I've asked this question before but I will ask it once again because it is 3AM and I can't sleep thinking about it. Back when Plushenko and Yagudin were still competing they missed the chance of getting a career super slam because by the time they moved to seniors it was too late for them and they obviously couldn't compete in the JGPF that first happened when they were seniors. But by the time JGPF became a thing, neither of them had gotten a career golden slam in the senior career yet (if I remember correctly). If we do get J4CC and JEuros (well we are mostly
  8. Update: I PASSED! I now own one of the highest English certificates I can get (besides a university diploma of course). I AM FREEEEEE! JLPT next...
  9. It's July 23rd now but how did your exams go? Are you getting your results soon?
  10. July has been so kind to Fanyus, we aren't getting just crumbs, we are getting a whole bakery feast!
  11. I was just hiding! I did a little scan on my phone and it was clear so I got worried for nothing.
  12. So I have a small problem that is making me anxious right now, so if you know stuff about computers and phones please please reply to this. 🙏 I was on a website on Chrome and an ad popped up. Of course I know that it is common logic not to click on random ads but my finger accidentally slipped and I ended up hitting the 'download' button of the ad. 😬 I closed the new Chrome tab that opened up immediately and thankfully I didn't get a 'downloading notification so I don't think anything was downloaded on my phone. Just to be sure I cleared my search history and Chrome's cache, I chec
  13. Popping in to say that Olympic Notte Stellata is about 20k views away from 2mil. You guys know what to do, wink wink.
  14. Jumping in on the swimming convo to add my own experience as well. I was in third grade when I took up swimming and I did because I didn't trust my dad enough to teach me how to swim at the beach (lol). I think I was around 40kg at the time, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less, I'm not exactly sure because third grade was the year I started developing (to this day my parents think that swimming contributed to my height growth). I was also a very skinny kid (and I still am) and I had a lot of trouble with my position in the water. I could float just fine but either my leg muscles were too weak f
  15. I have a single complaint about DOI and that is the fact that we didn't get the yukata content that we were hoping for. I get that they wore yukatas at the after party in previous years and that the after party didn't happen this year due to COVID but I still wanted to see Yuzu in a yukata again.
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