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  1. Yup! 羽 is used for counting winged animals! (And also rabbits for some reason, maybe because it looks like they are flying when they hop? Don't really know).
  2. Yuzuru sneaking up to look at Petrov's phone. I wonder what got his attention like that.
  3. My baby kitten is way over one month yet he still has a wobbly and unstable walk, plus he is really tiny compared to his siblings. Is this normal?
  4. To any fanyus seeing Yuzuru this season, please keep a light lit for us who can't travel. :'D
  5. I need a little bit of help! I've had pretty unhealthy music-listening habits for about two-ish years (or maybe more) so I decided to adopt some safety measures for my ears. For me to be strict and specific about those measures, I will need some help. Specifically what I need is someone to help me convert phone volume percentages to decibels, for example how many decibels 20% of the volume would be, how many decibels 70% would be, etc etc. I haven't been able to find any conversion charts or webpages so I would really appreaciate if someone happened to have something similar. That
  6. So much Bolero this season... at this point I wouldn't even be surprised if Yuzuru skated to it.
  7. Is the interview new? I could have sworn I read it before when the Frau magazine footage and interviews first came out.
  8. I can imagine Yuzuru lurking on Planet Hanyu and using his emoticons when he decides to post.
  9. To be honset, this whole time I thought pathos meant passion as in the Greek word πάθος.
  10. On a different note, another tarot reading for Yuzuru! I think that I've seen about maybe four different tarot readings regarding Yuzuru and all of them seem to be very simular as well as having a mutual correlation with eachother. To me this is enough to give me hope for the upcoming season as well as the future beyond that. Go forth and reach the light Yuzuru!
  11. Aaaahh that's so good to hear! I tried to dig around and do some research about such cats and it seems that he could easily own one if his allergy isn't severe. Of course I feel like he should ask for a doctor's advice too since some allergic reactions can be really really scary. He would also have to be careful about not rubbing his eyes with unclean hands after petting the cat as well as not letting it into his room (no cat naps :'3). Overall I would personally do anything so he can safely keep a kitty in his house.
  12. I keep thinking about Yuzuru's allergy to cats and to be honest it might even be the saddest thing I've heard in the last couple of weeks. Someone please give him a hypoallergenic cat right now.
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