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  1. Sometimes "Hope And Eggacy" instantly comes to my mind.
  2. The international fan struggle of having to search everywhere for a single crumb of ice show content, unless someone streams it we are doomed. :')
  3. It looks like some people on Twitter are going ham on editing songs on that clip of Yuzu and Jason dancing.
  4. The second dream noooooooooo. It sounds so sad, I hope it's not a bad omen.
  5. "It's fine, you can land (jump) it". Adorable, the hiragana detail is killing me, it's so cute.
  6. Aight, pulled an all nighter so I can watch the gala. Let's get this bread besties.
  7. Do you remember the rest of the element sheet? This sounds intresting.
  8. Last night I went to bed early and layed there staring at the ceiling still very upset about what had happened during the free skate and started slowly losing hope while thinking about the worst. Somewhere between being asleep and awake, maybe even in my dreams, I heard/imagined a voice. I couldn't tell if it was my own inside voice or someone else's voice but there was some kind of whisper. I'm can't be sure what exactly the voice said since many hours have passed since then, but I think I remember hearing a faint 'Just wait'. When I woke up I went on Twitt
  9. Listening to Let's Go Crazy has officially become part of my daily schedule, the amount of serotonin it gives me, aaahhhh. It makes me feel completely carefree in a sassy way. The impact Yuzuru and his programs have on me.
  10. I just realised my real Japanese learning enemy... onomatopoeia words. This is most likely just a personal thing but onomatopoeia words seem so much harder compared to any kanji I've ever learned. Each and every kanji is so different from one another and since I'm good with memorising learning kanji has never been a problem for me but onomatopoeia words... they are all so similar... and so many, and there are no hints as to what each word could mean while kanji gives us hints through radicals... this is a nightmare.
  11. The new banner and layout look absolutely breathtaking! The golden snowlike sparkles remind me of KOSE ads. And I can't stop sniffing over the little quote.
  12. Jealous little 3A trying to sabotage his own father out of jealousy. Behave little one! Yuzu needs you!
  13. Just like a naughty child getting caught.
  14. Yup, it looks like she has plenty of milk, the babies keep eating all the time.
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