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  1. Oh wow, I also completely forgot about this. If Worlds happens do guys think we are gonna see a 4A? https://twitter.com/yuzuspiration/status/1365979808031727616?s=20
  2. This little swan has been on my mind for a while now.
  3. It's 4:50am and I can't stop watching every single version of Notte Stellata there is. Someone send help. Even though I usually prefer to watch the Olympic or the WTT 2017 version I think that the World's 2017 version is quite special. After all the difficulties Yuzu had gone through his entire carrier he had won a World championship by giving what we still call the best figure skate of all time to this day. To me, Notte Stellata felt so special after this, it felt like a gentle reminder of hope and how he got to that point because he didn't give up on it. The light patern also to
  4. Omg, I almost completely forgot about this. People were going crazy. Do you think she got into skating because of Weir's exhibition?
  5. That's what I thought. I was listening to the song for nostalgia purposes and I remembered this performance that I watched way before I became a Fanyu and thought "Oh no" and here I am.
  6. Random thought of the day: Yuzu skating to Poker Face by Lady Gaga. I need to stop thinking.
  7. No one would stand a chance against Yuzu and his kicks.
  8. Oh my God no, he could flick my forehead and I would be passed out on the ground. 😭
  9. Mine is a combination of two of my favourite Yuzu exhbitions, Hana Ni Nare and Notte Stellata. It used to be my username on Twitter but now it's a Planet Hanyu exclusive. Gotta admit tho, I think I prefer Haru Yo Koi over Hana Ni Nare now, Swanyu is still my favourite tho.
  10. For some unknown reason all I've been thinking about this evening is what Yuzu would be like as wrestler. I'm not even intrested in wrestling.
  11. No thoughts, head empty, just these two Fanyus screaming Yuzuru's name on top of their lungs upon his presence. Big mood.
  12. Question! Does Yuzu rent his costumes to exhibitions or does he lend them?
  13. This will truly be a bitter yet such a beautiful moment knowing that the beauty of all his programs will continue to bloom even after he stops competing. I can feel my eyes burning already. I really would follow Yuzu to the end of the world.
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