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  1. I saw it at photo, I'm worried if it smells too much. But if you going to buy it, I think it's useful for eating indoors... About sandwiches - I want taste more local foods. But thank you for recommends♥️♥️ ♥️
  2. Does it smell or not? And - pls - what else can I buy to eat at the stadium? Not chocolate, local food
  3. I still see 2 gold and 2 silver "all events" on the main page and I don't see them in the separate sector. Such a vain hopes...
  4. For the first row it is not big problem, imo, I can sit a little closer during programm. Thank you for the photo💗💗💗 Rink is really very small
  5. Beautiful photos, thank you so much. Feel the rink more better really. Have you been in Megasport? Can 12th row of Megasport be compared to 1st row of B Mokdong? And a special thanks - for Jun Hwan on your photo
  6. Thank you for the tip I already bought a silver ticket. I'm not losing hope of catching a gold, but I don't have a lot of time to constantly control it
  7. I want buy a Gold, but they're not on sale. Does anyone know if there's gonna be a second wave?
  8. I think it was untimely data leakage :) but we have some price points now
  9. Yuzuru said he wants more competitions this season. Last season he missed nationals and 4CC. So we can hope...
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