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  1. Selling two all event tickets Section 112 Row M. Price negotiable!
  2. Selling two all event passes! Section 112 Row M. $100 USD each! (+ Paypal fee) Can sell separately or together DM me.
  3. Alright it's looking like I won't be making it to Skate Canada this year. I have two all event tickets for sale. Section 112 Row M. Lmk if you're interested!
  4. It's section 112 row M. Do you live in Vancouver or are you traveling there and then to Kelowna?
  5. I have two all event tickets for Skate Canada. Is everyone flying into Kelowna or traveling from Vancouver?
  6. How early is everyone arriving at the venue today? My flight lands at 8am and was thinking of grabbing a quick bite and heading over!
  7. Hi everyone! I have a Thursday and Friday pass I am selling! Face Value. Please DM me if you're interested.
  8. I’m staying at the Hilton in Oakville I’ll but let’s DM about sharing a cab to Pearson! I’m only bringing a backpack since my trip is so short so I could bring it to the rink on Saturday and we could leave from your hotel.
  9. Good call! I booked the 9pm to be safe! If anyone else is traveling to Pearson for a flight around that time, I'd be happy to split a cab!
  10. Trying to book flights for my trip to Oakville. The men's free skate is scheduled to end at 2:50? So if I book at 6pm or 9pm flight out of Pearson I should be fine, right?
  11. Anyone planning to travel up from New York? Trying to decide if I want to fly or carpool (if others were interested)
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