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  1. https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/covid-19-quebec-to-provide-update-at-3-p-m-on-the-situation-in-the-province-1.4846983?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Livestream in French about the situation. Can't understand it, but the page will be updated.
  2. Bell Centre is advertising at their Instastory. That they will have more cleaning procedures and more cleaning staff during concerts and games.
  3. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/sports/1656683/coronavirus-patinage-artistique-montreal-isu This is only for the athletes, right? I read it on google translate, as my French is terrible.
  4. https://montreal2020.com/skate-canada-announces-opening-ceremony-acts-for-the-isu-world-figure-skating-championships-2020/ So...........
  5. True. 80% of my thoughts are about that on a day. What if. We’ve booked everything, husband is home already, just to be sure and planned it for so long. Btw, Matteo and Nicole, the Italian pair, left yesterday to Montreal. And I’m sure all the juniors who are attending seniors as well, will go to Montreal in stead of home first.
  6. Well. Award show or not. The only thing I’m concerned about is the virus. One man detected in our town. Booked and paid hotel, plain and all event tickets and hoping to go. So nervous right now.
  7. So, I've received this email too. Maybe because I joined their newsletter last year? On which side is the Red Carpet? On the K&C side?
  8. Looks great! If we are going, then it will be on Monday. That day we want to visit Mount Royal and some more. Hopefully we are back on time. Our apartment is just 800 meters away, so worth a visit!
  9. Oooh, Celine Dion. I always joked around with my husband if her music echo's through the house while I'm watching skating. I said that I put on some music, just for him! We both so don't like her music. And then I saw that she had some shows in Bell Centre. Oh no! The 'new style gala'. An Award show with some famous musical guests. DON'T LET IT BE CELINE DION! Then I'm literally going to scream and so does my husband.
  10. True. And all skaters did skate at Art on Ice. I'm sure Elladj Baldé will skate too. Yes, it's just wait and see. Let's hope for the best. There's nothing we can do about it anymore.
  11. Maybe they can attract old skaters to join the show. Like Virtue and Moir (from Canada, so nice to see them there), Lambiel, maybe Carolina Kostner or even Aljona and Bruno, as Aljona is on the ice again after her pregnancy. Wishful thinking, but that will spicen up the show a lot for me, as only the champions can skate at the new 'gala'.
  12. Thanks. This makes sence! Otherwise it would take too much time to get in. Just like going to a concert in a stadium with different entrances. We will be on time and we'll see.
  13. As I don't have experience with a long waiting line in front of the venue, I'd like to ask experienced Worlds visitors. In Milan last year we were VIP, so no waiting line at all. We're not attending practice in the morning before competition time, so we'd like to be early in the venue for the competitions. How long does it take to enter the Bell Centre and how long are you standing outside approximately?
  14. Would be great, an archive later, as the time difference is 9 hours. Maybe it's an idea to post the link for us all? Things are so uncertain since ISU won't give us an update.
  15. Does anyone here know already where we can watch it online or on tv? As most of you most probably know, Eurosport and the Eurosport Player won't support Figure Skating anymore. ISU promised a MUCH BETTER option for the figure skating fans, but for now they're keeping their mouths shut. So no news yet where to watch it. Bye bye watching the GP's, bye bye watching it afterwards "On Demand". What is ISU doing with the FS fans?
  16. Thanks! I saw some videos from Milan, where there was a ceremony outside the Mediolanum Forum after the SP. That was after the Worlds. But at that time we didn't have the notion that there was such a thing and we didn't have the time after all to attend it. We were so extremely far away from the ice rink, about one and a half hour with bus and metro. Terrible! That never again. So that's why I hope things will be announced on time in Montreal. Would be a nice experience!
  17. Does anyone has experience with a mini medal ceremony after the SP? We've been to Milan and I saw that there was a mini ceremony in day time. Is this also the case in Montreal?
  18. At least Evgenia's costume from her FP is from that designer. She, the designer, had the design on her Instastory recently.
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