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  1. Could you kindly add me to the group for gold or silver all-events tickets (no VIP), depending on the price? Regarding the venue, I would say that the first rows of all sections should best be avoided because of the glass walls (even if it seems so high that I'm not sure that it is possible to avoid it)!
  2. Thank you to all of you helping us out with the tickets search! At the moment, as in the meantime I had to organise the whole trip and I'm less flexible, I would be able to go only to Sendai on 2 June. If you have any news about tickets on that date, I will be grateful 😗
  3. Hello!! I am new here! Nice to meet you I will be in Japan during FaOI Makuhari and Sendai and I dream to go! Do you still have the ticket? Thanks! Also, if any of you know about someone reliable reselling a ticket please think about me, I would appreciate so much... It is so difficult, even more as a foreigner. Have a good day!
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