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  1. Congratulations on getting tickets! I wish I had seen the posts earlier to be able to join but I’m so glad everyone who did managed to get tickets. Would you be able to share what prices were for the tickets you got in the group order and what type of seats you bought?
  2. For GPF Vancouver and 4CC Anaheim, they left almost all the sections behind and directly beside the judges reserved for VIPs, media, and team seating. I think it will depend on the media and judges table setup. They (Skate Canada, USFSA, the venue ticketing office, etc.) don’t sell tickets for those sections to the general public because the view from those seats are partially blocked from the third row and back, and to allow VIPs, volunteers, and media to sit there throughout the event. Although I must admit, even knowing and seeing their seat blocking policy firsthand at competitions, I’m surprised at how many seats seem to be unavailable for all-event package purchase.
  3. According to the Torino 2019 GPF staff at the booth at Worlds, tickets for GPF will go on sale in mid-May. The website is already up. torino2019.com
  4. Pardon my first post. I meant it will be hosted Thursday to Sunday. December 5th to the 8th, not 8th to the 10th.
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