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  1. Alex_Trusova

    2019 Grand Prix Final in Turin, Italy

    Anyone have any idea of schedule yet? I think I can only fly in on Friday and will have to fly back Sunday morning. Hoping they don’t do any free skates on the Sundays!
  2. Thanks for the info & the links!
  3. I was hoping for some travel advise. I am staying in Ueno and will travel to Saitama each day to the competition. It looks like the line to catch is the Takasaki or Utsonomiya. Does anyone know if this is part of the Tokyo subway. I was going to purchase a 72 hour tourist ticket but unsure if this line is included. If anyone can offer advise that would be really helpful
  4. Cant believe people are selling tickets for double the price. I was lucky to win the lottery so just sold at cost
  5. I have 2 tickets to sell for the gala exhibition (S category). What is the best way to sell them? On here or Twitter? SOLD
  6. Where did you book? I didn’t think hotel reservations were open yet
  7. Alex_Trusova

    2019 Grand Prix Final in Turin, Italy

    All the hotels nearby are already all booked!
  8. Thanks for that information. Only a few months to save then. I’m sure the tickets will go fast too given it’s in Canada
  9. I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about 2020 worlds tickets and when they might go on sale?
  10. I’m one of the few that won the foreigners lottery. Paid for the tickets in November. No idea how to retrieve my tickets, does anyone know? I have the EMTG app, not sure if I have to ‘claim’ the tickets some how...