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  1. Am selling my gala tickets if anyone is interested. 2nd row on judges side near kiss & cry
  2. Selling: GPF TORINO Gala Exhibition Tickets x 2 PLATINUM Settore 104 Fila 2 Posto 12 Settore 104 Fila 2 Posto 13 €130 per ticket (as originally paid) Pay pal can email you the tickets to print at home both tickets very close to kiss & cry on judges side Prefer to only sell both tickets together. Please PM me if interested.
  3. I noticed that too. But I wonder if the people who bought the platinum plus OPPOSITE the judges knew that tickets would be available on judges side after all. I don’t think platinum plus is as good as a platinum on judges side
  4. Thanks so much for your help got there in the end. I was having a melt down when I thought I couldn’t buy the tickets. Now I have to tickets 2nd row on judges side near kiss & cry! Was so shocked they were selling tickets there
  5. Do you know how to buy the gala tickets? I can’t work out how to get them as well. Getting very stressed
  6. Is anyone else struggling with the payment page? I have platinum on judges side. They are in my basket but it says to finalise purchase I need to buy same number same kind of tickets for both which I’ve done
  7. There really isn’t a good explanation of what’s involved with the VIP packages. This gift... in Milan we got a very small blanket!
  8. Organisation for this event seems terrible. I have emailed the organising committee twice requesting further information about the VIP tickets and no answer. How can they expect people to pay such high prices for packages with no explanation about what’s involved and where seats are?
  9. Me too I find nothing as well. It’s frustrating as trying to make a decision between worlds & GPF
  10. Shame Montreal isn’t offering VIP packages like Milan, they seemed expensive at the time but were great value in the end. also why are none of the gold tickets for Montreal on the judges side? Quite annoying. Does anyone know which website you use to purchase the tickets and also if we will be able to select seats when they go on sale on the 31st or will it just be the category?
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