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  1. Hi All, I have another question. (First time buying and using tickets) At the moment I only have a message that says I got a ticket and that tickets will be shown on our app at the end of March. How does the seating work? Is it luck of the draw and they assign you a seating or is it first come first serve once you get to arena?
  2. Unfortunately not. We weren't sure if we could do an extra day, so we just lotto'd for the Friday (with exact tickets) and luckily we got it. Hope you get tickets.
  3. So considering that we can't cancel the tickets, we didn't want to buy extras, since it was quite expensive. Me and two other friends got tickets!! So we're going for the 12th of April!
  4. Well, the thing is they already took money from my credit card. I think its kept as a guarantee, because I checked my account and it did not show the different prices of the tickets. I used my card to buy 2 sets of tickets one for me and one set for my friends. Its a bit disconcerting...
  5. Unfortunately it looks like once you book, you can't cancel.... we had a look at the T&C's...
  6. Hello. Has anyone used the EMTG app? Some of the things the app want access to is questionable. For example " Allow e-ticket to make and manage phone calls?" Its making me and my friends pause when registering...
  7. Thank you... I have a feeling I should just give up this year and wait for the new year. Thank you. This will probably be my last resort... Need to look around for someone who knows ppl in Japan! Thanks, will keep this site saved.
  8. Hi guys! I saw this site: https://www.ticket.co.jp/sys/d/6097.htm?pref_id=40&st=20190412 from another thread. Can anyone tell me what this is? It looks like they have tickets for the Fukuoka events on sale, so I'm wondering how legit this website is.... Any also where can I find out more information about the international lottery system for this event? There is very little on this event that I can find. most information I found are for the world champs in Saitama... Any assistance is highly appreciated.
  9. Hi All I've just been following and reading all the comment. I'm just wondering, these are the two sites that I found online. Can you guys (international and Japan) not buy from here? Is there something wrong with them? Some of the prices are reasonable and others are really expensive. https://www.viagogo.com/Sports-Tickets/Other-Sports/Figure-Skating/ISU-World-Figure-Skating-Championships-Tickets https://www.stubhub.com/isu-world-figure-skating-championship-tickets/grouping/101717/
  10. Thank you so much for the reply. We're going crazy, thinking that we may have missed something. Will just have to keep our eyes open.
  11. Hi Everyone. I'm looking for ticketing information on the ISU World Team happening in Fukuoka in April 11-14 2019. My friends and I are visiting Japan around the time and would love to see the event. But there's barely any information I can find online. I've managed to find this link: https://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/figure-wtt/2019/sphone/; which seems to be the ticketing site for the event. However, I'm quite new to this and the site is in Japanese and from what I managed to figure out, using google translate, they're currently doing the lottery tickets for the Japan based people? What I'm trying to figure out is, if there is an official site yet? Is there an site I can go to, to get tickets for foreigners? My friends and I have been looking, but are having no luck.... Any assistance of clarifications will be appreciated. Thanks in advance! CherryM
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