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  1. According to P. Hersh Jason is now back in Canada, though he teased that there is a story behind. Curious to see how that happened (but not enough to give him clicks on his upcoming article).

    I guess Yuzuru's location is even more anyone's guess from now on...

  2. 26 minutes ago, Ladysci said:

    I just logged on to the Online Exhibition store and bought some more Yuzu-related goods :rolleyes:! Ordered clear files and some towels, which comes in handy in humid Japan. The site is easy to navigate and it can be translated to English through Google translater. However, I had some problems when checking out: you have to put your name in katakana (required) before you could go on to the buy dialogue and I was unable to use the pull-down list for prefecture (even though I live in Japan). I could type my name in katakana, but I think it might be difficult for people without a Japanese keyboard. I wrote them an e-mail about fixing this situation, since gaijin fans who don't speak Japanese may want to order. Site also has stuff from the 2018 exhibition, but I couldn't find the Sendai pamphlet (maybe it's somewhere else).  Good luck you guys, but since its made to order, maybe it's not any rush---thank goodness, even though the goods will take longer to arrive. I was just sitting at my desk and shopping was more fun than reviewing a bunch of papers :slinkaway:



    25 minutes ago, yuzuangel said:


    They have some really nice stuff (I love the towels) but they don't ship overseas. I guess we need a proxy to order :sigh:

  3. 48 minutes ago, SitTwizzle said:

    I don't know state by state, but US have recently increased the daily tests from 400.000 to nearly 650.000, an increase of some 60% in tests. So an increase of around 40% in the total numbers of positive cases found, rather means less real cases (as the rate of positive cases lowers, yesterday "only" 6.75%),  and an adequate response to the epidemics, intensive testing being generally crucial to address it.

    Though (but I'm not an epidemiologist) this doesn't mean the disease have already become an endemics either. It is on the way.

    Ah, no. You shouldn't expect a simple linear relationship between total tests and positive cases because we are not sampling randomly. The most at-risks people were already being tested so it is expected for rates to decrease somewhat as you expand testing to wider, less at-risk populations. It doesn't  mean cases are decreasing globally. Most importantly, hospitalization rates, which are not nearly as dependent on total test number as positive cases are also on the rise in many states. So all indicators point out to a real resurgence in the USA (or at least some states). This is quite serious.

  4. Try telling football fans in Europe or South America that they are supposed to cheer equally for every club and you'll get laughed at :D


    I'm not saying that you should be rude to skaters by any means (we know antis are a real thing unfortunately), but it's perfectly natural to have personal preferences and support your favorites more :)

  5. 15 minutes ago, SitTwizzle said:

    But it seems they stop counting if somebody watch it more than a number of times on a given day, or if they watch less than 30 seconds, or if they seem to watch "illogical" things.


    I don't totally agree with this though :

    "So, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can just get your friends or team members to watch your videos over and over again, because the answer is, you just can’t."

    Because if a dozen people watch it four times each, and the same the next day, Youtube will give it a good score as a "trending" video and show it higher to potential viewers who have typed the keywords, and there can be a snowball effect.

    Clearly, this doesn't apply if you have Yuzuru Hanyu in your keywords, as anyway your video will somehow trend "alone" with people searching Yuzuru content on Youtube. To the point that some make awful, uninteresting videos with these keywords and an intentionally poor content, just as clickbait.

    They have a filter to avoid bots artificially upping the views. So if you watch several times on a loop, it won't keep adding. You have to watch other videos in between before watching it again to make it seem "organic" to the algorithm. I don't know the details, but people are commenting a lot about it on music videos where the numbers are more of a big deal.

  6. Pretty sure the online votes were just a way for the organizers to give a fake sense of legitimacy to this circus. They're giving it to whoever they want at the end of the day. Not like they will ever dare to publish the detailed voting scores :68811363:


    They claim to want to attract new fans with this but all it will achieve is enhance pointless fan wars. It really leaves a bad taste in mouth.

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