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  1. Oh, I think we all agree that it is not a point-orientated program. Not just because of BV.
  2. Meanwhile, Shoma comparing himself harshly to Yuzu again....
  3. Thanks @k_no_uta for the live translation !!!!
  4. And just like that, Yuzu killed all the satellites. All quads, Yuzu ?
  5. Yuzuru "I simply need to focus on every single element" Hanyu
  6. What? No, poor boy 4CC curse? Pressure of home crowd? I hope he's OK...
  7. iirc he made a comment along the line of wanting to be healthy and go to gpf next year.
  8. That means that even with a clean SP from Yuzu, this is Nathan's win. Ouch. Both GOEs and PCS. I mean, congrats to all medalists, especially Nathan who was so reliable. I'm glad for him, he's a good kid and a great athlete. Not my preference in terms of skating, but he was great during the whole event. But Yuzuru stole my heart once more with his gutsy performance He's my champion
  9. Well, Nathan's got gold for sure. He deserves it for his consistency. But GOEs are creative.
  10. YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuzuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job !!!! some tight landings but good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 4lo ! The 4T-3A !!!
  11. We need more coach fluffy... poor Shoma, not what he wanted for sure
  12. Oh, Shoma Keep fighting !!!