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  1. the second group is skating first on the 19th so.. it’s possible, but my flight and trains will have to be very on time haha. fingers crossed though, i guess 🤞🏼🤞🏼
  2. yuzu’s skating in the first group i take this all back 😅😅 the one practice ticket i have and i’m gonna miss him... rip
  3. omg jealous of people who are already flying aha,, i leave monday morning and arrive... pretty much just in time to yeet myself over to men’s main rink practice on tuesday lol
  4. Umm if it is and you choose to, I'm very interested in buying practice tickets :))
  5. umm so.. full event ticket holders.. are we thinking we'll just have to wait till the first day of competition when we exchange for our ticket to find out our seat number/info?
  6. they really aren’t showing full event ticket buyers our seat numbers... the event is in under 2 weeks this is so sad lmao
  7. Umm are we supposed to be able to see our seat info after claiming the ticket? Does the number mean something? I’m confused right now lmao
  8. i'm travelling alone so if i manage to find practice tickets i'm happy to go early and save seats for people! no one to convince to join me ahah
  9. Pretty sure he usually attends practice every day but obviously we’re somewhat taking a risk here 🤷🏼‍♀️ I imagine he’ll want all the practice time he can get though
  10. I’m doing the entire worlds week alone (going to meet my friend in kyoto after) so would definitely be up for meeting other people at the event or whenever we have free time ✨✨ otherwise imma end up not speaking to anyone for an entire week ahaha
  11. buying any saitama practice session ticket march 20th-22nd will pay anything that's not super ridiculous ahha
  12. oof hopefully i can convince a japanese friend to get the ticket for me ahah. i know! also i was so sad about not seeing evgenia and now she's been added,, and it'd be so cool to see retired skaters that i won't ever get to see in competition. you should go too!!
  13. Ahhh okay I actually might be able to get a number from a friend as long as I don't need to bring that phone to the event like we had to with worlds. Hotel would be easier if I could do that though, thanks
  14. has anyone else bought tickets to soi in osaka? do you know if you need a japanese phone number in order to do it? i really wanna go but the website is confusing me ahah
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