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  1. oh my god yes i was asleep when they announced the practice ticket sales for worlds and there was only like one day left by the time i was online 💀💀 im gonna make sure to have like notifs on for this thread to make extra sure i don’t miss anything when we get closer to sales
  2. i’m not sure about last nhk but worlds did offer all event tickets too!
  3. they’re not releasing info about tickets till july,, for worlds as well if took ages for them to announce foreign lottery to the point where we weren’t even sure they were gonna have one so... it’s hard to say when we’ll know
  4. i really wanna go now i’ve seen the assignments.. feel like i used up all my luck getting worlds tickets tho lol
  5. buying any saitama practice session ticket march 20th-22nd will pay anything that's not super ridiculous ahha
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