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  1. Your photos are really really really good! I was thinking about selling my bulky dslr and buying a micro four thirds camera because they are smaller and lighter (because I have back problems 😬). Now you convinced me to buy one of those. My old phone broke down this year so I also bought a phone with a camera that has a really big zoom and hq just in case they really enforced the no camera policy in the event. (Sorry I'm a picture person I like to use my photos for drawing references and other stuff) It's much more quiet than the camera and it won't bother anyone unless you really stretch out your hand enough to annoy/block somebody's view. Though the only cons of it are the photos might be blurry/grainy and the low battery life. I remember last GPF there was a lady beside me that uses her phone to quietly take pictures and the quality was so goooood. sorry for my bad english ;-;
  2. Not in ACI but in GPF Vancouver last year, somebody got caught and was forced to delete their pictures There were also some people that met the same fate but they were able to backup their stuff. I got told too that they might confiscate my camera but they never did. sorry for my bad english
  3. it got sold out quickly if i won't be able to get one tomorrow, message me if you changed plans i am desperate for tickets
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