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  1. I"m still going! I also have a birthday banner for Yuzuru. Maybe we could write messages on it and give it to Brian (i don't know how tho) or send it to TCC (i don't know how too). I just don't want it to go into waste and it's awkward if I brought it to other non-december competitions.
  2. Hey there! I am new here in this forum. Anyone from Vancouver know what hotels are the closest to UBC and what bus should I take to UBC? I'm okay even if the hotels are kinda far as long as it is along the UBC bus route. My mom is freaking out because I never left home and hates airbnb. Also, are there rules about banners (like sizes, when to hang it up, or what to put in it), because it's fun and nice and I wanted to make a huge greeting and wishes banner for Yuzuru and another for Junhwan if he makes it to GPF. Sorry it's only my second time attending a live event, the first one is a hot mess and I don't want to repeat it anymore. I'm also down for Artist/Yuzuru art trading cards so if you're doing it let me know and I'll gladly give out small Yuzuru cards! (Any filipino fans attending to GPF? Wanna do a get together during the event?)
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