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  1. I just got my ticket on 23rd!!! Just got an SMS about credit card deduction. Hooray!!!
  2. I chose 'over the counter' and wondering how I would collect the ticket if I won? Thanks in advance for your kind help.
  3. Here you go, the link below https://www.viagogo.com/ww/Sports-Tickets/Other-Sports/Figure-Skating/ISU-World-Figure-Skating-Championships-Tickets/E-3190568
  4. Finally entered lottery for general sale. I'm really excited. I also purchased resale ticket from Viagogo for ladies' single on 22 March and it will be sent to my address in Thailand. Do you think it will arrive in time before I fly off to Japan? Thx in advance
  5. If you applied for 2 seats, would it be ok for me to share the seats with you? i'm also from Thailand. The one chatted with you on Twitter! lol
  6. I have lodged a complaint through ISU website already lol. I’m still waiting for foriegn spectators ticket announcement. Please keep me updated!
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