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  1. I would just dress up Nessie in that red-yellow costume, that Javi had for his exhibition. That should work. Oh, and add some horns to that... tadaaaaa
  2. Sounds fun! Nothing could go wrong with an innocent banner... Well, if I could go, I would gladly provide all my socks to fanyu community there to make many mini Nessies. Can you imagine those commentaries? "And now there are raining Pooooohoooooo........ "
  3. Ok, I can't stop thinking about it. The idea of Yuzuru standing in the middle of Nessie storm at ACI, totally , is actually pretty epic. Pleeeease, do that!
  4. This is too cute! I think a need to bring this home one day, wherever it came from... Sorry Pooh, this is Nessie!
  5. This made my day. That Nathan Chen comment was hilarious.
  6. When Johnny Weir was skating and winning competitions, I wasn't much interested in figure skating. We did not have anyone "strikingly special" in our country, so i was watching just small bits and pieces. One thing I remember though is Johnny. Or rather my impression of him from the very little I heard. I was convinced, he is not much talented and just a pretty "flower" lost on ice, where it has nothing to do. Now I've actually watched some of his competitions and I was shocked by the lack of understanding I had before. From this experience I can tell that many people don't even care and just listen to all those commentaries instead of doing some research first. I will try not to judge blindly next time.
  7. I loved the article. It is very informative. Personally, I never saw Yuzuru as feminine. I don't know how he does that, but I think he can make all his sparkly and fluffy costumes perfectly manly. I understand that some skaters see simplicity as "I am manly as hell" statement, but it is not necessarily true. It actually requires more spirit than just costume looks.
  8. Thank you. :-) The comparison was meant solely for the music. I would never dare to compare their movements, because yuzuru is simply incomparable. We all know that, don't we... I just admire Yuzu's dedication when creating his own programs and I am curious what exactly is he doing to his music, that it sounds so good. Especially when compared to some pieces that where "created/destroyed" for the new season... Also, totally agree with the sideway lunge. It seems a bit misplaced there, but Seimei changed a lot from the first practices too. I believe that he will pull it off.
  9. I LOVE this! The red one would be insta-death for many fanyus including myself... Oh, this place is great! I am so happy I joined! (Now I need to reed everything to catch up. But "you know... I must work hard...")
  10. Hello, my fellow fanyu friends! I am new here, following Yuzu only since Worlds 2017, but now I am completely hooked and I have to post my thoughts. Because I am crazy curious and know Yuzu's music cuts are always beautiful, I just have to share my humble "research". Don't know if anyone did this already, but hey... repetition is key! So, this is, what I did - I took Yuzu's Origins, kindly provided here and compared it with Plushenko's Nijinsky here and the results - I know, it is not very accurate - are like this (starting from Yuzu's 00:43) : Yuzu 00:43 - 00:53 = Plu 2:41 - 2:51 00:53 - 01:19 is newly added 01:19 - 02:09 = Plu 1:27 - 2:17 02:09 - 02:50 added again? 02:50 - 03:02 = Plu - maybe repeated 2:06 - 2:16 03:02 - 03:22 = Plu 4:18 - 4:38 03:22 - 03:38 I guess it's an extension to the following part 03:38 - 03:44 = Plu 04:38 - 04:44 Yeah, it's not much, but I was REALLY curious about the amount of cutting, Yuzuru did. And I think it turned out quite beautifully.
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