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  1. Well I'm listening to "You Lost Me" by Christina Aguilera on a loop thanks to this thread. Great song. Hope Starr interprets it well.
  2. I've been rewatching the K2 since you wrote about it. Currently watching "The Secret Life of My Secretary" and enjoying it more than I thought I would but struggling with "Abyss" not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Our Chan.... What's amiss!!!!! I watched "Dream High" a long time ago. Stand out is definitely Soo Hyun.
  3. Really enjoyed and would recommend the short drama "My First First Love" with the little sweetie that is Ji Soo. Like Kim Jae Wook another actor who at last has a lead role. Can't wait for season Two.
  4. "My Love from the Star" was one of the first kdramas I watched. Absolutely blown away by both leads. His apartment though. I want.... I want. Do finish it. Its so worth it.
  5. Nope. Website just says "Coming soon" and has done so for...... an eternity!!!
  6. Wow. This song is hauntingly beautiful with Aguilera's crystal clear voice. Cannot wait to see Starr perform this.
  7. Strangely excited when '2019 Ice Shows' appears under 'Event Discussion.' Will be worse when the competitions are added with the 2019 date.
  8. His face it like that cos he's saying..."Come on Nate - hands off the butt - manner hands mate!!!! ". Nathan's response "Ooops sorry....hands too low!!". Vincent (through gritted teeth) "Phew...shoulder was the right way to go".
  9. Just no........ doesn't suit him. You did a good job with Photoshop. Someone definitely needs to tackle origin hair, smooth suit and murder face though!!!
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