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  1. the cheapest option is this https://www.vikingline.se/hitta-resa/kryssningar/ica-kort-erbjudande/kryssning-helsingfors/ if you go between sunday and wednesday it cost 0:- it cant get any better than that but you need to be over 21 and be an ica club member (it's free). I cant find the offer on the english site but if you type in the link on google it'll translate the page. If you're not over 21 then you can go via route booking https://www.sales.vikingline.com/find-cruise-trip/ but i dont know if thats cheaper than flying
  2. i've gone to finland by boat before and im going by boat for the competition. It takes alot more time than flying but its wayy cheaper (if your going from sweden atleast) plus it's really fun if you're going with friends
  3. i've flown with them serval times and have personally never come across any problems. I also flew with them the first time i flew without my family and everything went really well! they have an app where your ticket and everything is, which makes everything really simple. Me and my friend had a carry on and nothing happend, just make sure to measure it so it's not too big (the rules for carry on is on their website).
  4. Please help! I was originally only planing to go to mens and the gala so i dont need an all event ticket, but the individual tickets go on sale in october and thats 2 months after the all event tickets. Will there still be tickets left by then? How fast do they usually sell out?
  5. The hotels were quite pricey so im staying in an Airbnb instead. You can find really good airbnb’s for alot less than the hotels and you can book for 4 people even if you end up with 3, since it’ll be quite cheap anyway
  6. I asked on the fb event if the prices and seating chart would be available before the tickets go on sale. They said ”Yes, we try to get the seating chart open couple of days before the ticket sales start.” So thats a relief
  7. I've never gone to a figure skating competition before so i had no idea what to do and was kind of freaking out But after finding this site a lot has been cleared up so now i feel a lot better, Thanks u guys! I hope i get good tickets, aah im so excited!!