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  1. If someone still looking for tickets for the other events even for Sunday exhibition I'm at the Honda center for the ladies short program and mens (: just message me for more info or see my other posts
  2. I saw a few people walking around with some type of pass/credentials..I was wondering if they were part if the crew or people with all event tickets passes???
  3. I made a post earlier and this is a more organized one in order of event I'm Selling: Ladies Short- (Secc 221 Box B Seat 6) $60 Pairs Short- (Secc 221 Box B Seat 6) $60 Ice Dance Short- (Secc 221 Box B Seat 6) $60 Ladies Free (Taken) Pairs Free- (Secc 221 Box B Seat 6) $60 Ice Danced Free- (Secc 221 Box B Seat 6) $60 Exhibition- (Secc 221 Box B Seat 6) $60 I bought these as all event tickets so they should allow the practice viewing
  4. Idk if I should post this here and it's kind of late to be selling tickets but I'm selling single tickets for the ladies, pairs, and ice dance event both free skate and short program. It's just an individual ticket for event second row seat sec 221 row b seat 6 I was planning to attend to all events but I totally forgot 4cc was getting close and I have class and work during those times I'm selling them pretty cheap for a second row ticket $60 each
  5. @icecreamy thanks I was just reading about their coverage and the situations they will cover and you're right its really not needed -.-
  6. I'm didn't mean if yuzu is not going they will cover it I meant if he didn't attend I might use it saying a emergency happen I haven't pay for it since it's a separate bill thanks for letting me know it might be a scam I'll call to cancelled the order or get more information ><
  7. I paid for ticket insurance in case of something happens or yuzu not attending I'll get my money back
  8. I think the 2019fourcontinent.com website said 10am but you can check to make sure again c:
  9. Has anyone purchased pre sale tickets yet? I got section 221 row b seat 6
  10. Through Ticketmaster on may 30-31 Passcode is SOI
  11. @yuzuangel pre sale is when the tickets are available before they go on sale on the planned date It usually is if you want to buy VIP or sometimes they release a few tickets to those with a code Sorry I'm bad a explaining maybe someone else will explain it to you better(:
  12. Yes is a good idea to compare prices I'll do the same (: I found the front row tickets pretty cheap compare to other events and venues for the stars on ice show at the Hondacenter so maybe prices will vary depending on how much the location will be charging (: Any information helps ^^
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