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  1. [2021] World Team Trophy (15-18.04) - Fluff, the In-betweens, and GALA
    [2021] World Team Trophy (15-18.04) - Fluff, the In-betweens, and GALA

    Ok, I made an attempt. I've never tried to translate anything before, so this is kind of rough, but I did my best :7938863:


    The commentators' names are Katarina Hultling & Angelica Olsson.


    *after the ex*


    Katarina, sounding close to tears: All figure skaters say, after their performances, that they've hoped that they’ve given the audience a clean skate, that they have done what they said they would do and skated a nice, clean figure skating program. But that’s not enough for this man, Yuzuru Hanyu. He is extremely interested in people understanding the spiritual part that is so important to him in figure skating. He fills his programs with... from the depth of his soul. And he’s very special in that way, he’s very alone in that. 


    Angelica: And that's what makes him so special, and that he touches you. You cried to this program at the World Championships, and today I could hardly keep the tears out of my eyes, and… in every movement, there’s an emotion he’s conveying. And it’s not lots of things happening all the time, but instead it’s in the simplicity he speaks. 


    Katarina: And you look at the hands and the face and… yes, he’s truly very special, he’s… he always wants to tell a story and wants people to understand him and what he wants to say. At the same time as he of course wants to skate clean and get high marks. 


    *Yuzu shown in the k&c*


    Katarina: He’s also one of the most humble skaters  



    The second part (the encore) wasn’t very interesting to me, except Katarina calls him “deeply artistic and soulful” and points out just how fast he is across the ice. Angelica also says that she’s sure he’s not going to quit until he has landed the quad axel., with Katarina pointing out that he was already the first to land the 4Lo in 2016, but she thinks he wants another one.  

    And they don’t mention Nathan once!

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  2. [2021] World Team Trophy (15-18.04) - Fluff, the In-betweens, and GALA
    [2021] World Team Trophy (15-18.04) - Fluff, the In-betweens, and GALA

    Yuzu already started practice, said hi to Mishin. 


    Edit: Removed mask and started warming up by stretching, etc


    Edit1: 3Lo


    Edit2: 3F

     Edit3: 4T then twirl 3F(?)


    Edit4: 12 people in the rink


    Edit5: went to cheering seat to talk to trainer(?), then back to the rink and did a 4T


    Edit6: 4Lz is back!


    Edit7: confirm Axel then take a drink :smiley-angelic001:


    Edit8: axel from opposite side of rink from yesterday 


    Edit9: delayed axel from Eagle


    Edit10: 3As from counter, twice




    Edit12: recap so far


    Edit13: everyone stopped by the board to watch


    Edit14: done RT, bowed, applause from everyone like in real performance heh


    Edit15: Hana wa Saku so powerful everyone stopped and stared, even the skater having a RT next. Then everyone applauded when it ended 


    Edit16: single axels... what's this? I'm scared...


    Edit17: there was a 4T before these axels


    Edit18: big 2A fall then  counter 3A EU 3T


    Edit19: hes drilling them axels... it's coming... 


    Edit20: a beautiful counter 3A


    Edit21: recap so far

    4T Foot-raising counter 1A Opening both feet Counter 1A Opening both feet Counter 2A Did you dodge Nathan's voice?  Reverse rotation double three 3A-1Eu-3S Eagle counter 1A Punk counter 1A Check with a tablet that talked about something again Counter 3A Nod counter 3A from the flow of the song a little before


    Edit22: counter 3A again, beauty 





    End of practice
     Remain until the end and bow in all directions
     Thank you to each and every one of the ice makers who came in
     Even after the link came out, I waited until Mr. Nakano and the trainer came out and said "Thank you" to each one.

     After that, I put my hand on my chest and thanked him while looking up at the audience seats, and went out while bouncing.


  3. [2021] World Team Trophy (15-18.04) - Day 1 (Ice Dance RD, Ladies SP, Men SP)
    [2021] World Team Trophy (15-18.04) - Day 1 (Ice Dance RD, Ladies SP, Men SP)


    LMEY is really perfect for Yuzu! He just totally slays it! Every performance is getting better and better. I really hope he keeps it. :cheer:

  4. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    7 minutes ago, LAY said:

    Any ideal where i can see or read this Mishin's interview (English translation) about Yuzu ?

    The interview is just freshly out, Mishin speaks at around 16.15 about Yuzu here. No doubt it will be translated, but unfortunately it won’t be me. Gotta work. Work sucks. 


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  5. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    This will surely be reported later, but Mishin was super complimentary towards Yuzu in an interview, saying that he awes people as a skater and as a personality. He mentioned his courtesy, his devotion to the sport, his introspective skating which can in its best forms grip people, his out-of this world divine figure which is ideal for jumps, but his jumps isn’t the only reason why he is popular, it’s down to his personality, which makes him godlike. 
    He called him “Uzuri Hanyu” though. LOL

    Adding up: “People ask what he is interested in. But he isn’t interested in anything earthly. He skates and lives in another dimension. Even his build is heavenly, he is incredibly slender, those arms and legs...”””

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  6. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Full German ARD ONE Commentary on Yuzu's SP by Daniel Weiss:


    "How much we will be entertained, depends on the jumps, too. Quadruple Salchow coming up... Yes, sir! Tight, but good.


    [He remained silent until the end of the performance]


    Insane. Everything right on the accent of the music. That was pure entertainment, that was insane. The Galactic is back! Yuzuru Hanyu. Who shall stop this man?

    Brian Orser. [Camera showing him at the rinkside]

    Normally it would rain Winnie The Poohs now. The superstar from Japan. There are no words for this. Which superlatives shall you find, for these three minutes? Every accent fit there. I'm sure, in the program components there will be some tens and rightly so. The program components alone-

    Let's listen what Brian says to him: 'So much fun!' That's true. He had fun out there.

    9.75 [for] skating skills, transitions 9.36, performance 9.68, choreography 9.54, interpretation 9.71 points.

    [Replay showing the Salchow] The quad! [Replay showing 4T+3T] The second quad, perfect position in the air. Costume matching [the program] with the black blades. Triple added after it.


    This is from a different planet [literally: from another star], who shall stop him? There is only one man on this planet who can stop him and he comes second to last and his name is Nathan Chen.

    That was, for me, the best short program in the history of figure skating.


    [This part has been cut from the short clip, but it's available in the full broadcast]

    To have the coolness to translate every accent of the music into [body] movements, to focus on the choreography [and] the difficult quadruple jumps. Fantastic. That will be the lead of course and with a big margin and it will be top scores. 111.82 is his personal best.

    [Scores announced]

    I think, he would have deserved to top that record. He is satisfied with almost 107 points, but honestly: this choreography, this performance - That was a cracker!"

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  7. [2021] World Championships - Men's Free Skate
    [2021] World Championships - Men's Free Skate

    VK stream and German stream both working well and added to front page!





  8. [2021] World Championships - Ladies' Free Skate
    [2021] World Championships - Ladies' Free Skate

    I missed Loena today and wow! Indeed, very good skate. Olga too.


  9. [2021] World Championships - Ladies Short Program
    [2021] World Championships - Ladies Short Program

    If anyone wants to rewatch Ladies SP here are they in good quality, part 1 and part 2

  10. Team we're fewer but still good!
    Team we're fewer but still good!

    Gran Premio Finale free skate is on now



    Results page/protocols are here.

  11. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat


    3A + 2Tや3Loの部分でも箏が印象的で、13弦箏だと思いますが、17弦箏もあります。 

    音楽や楽器に精通している人は誰でもそれを区別できますか?ツイッターで誰かが言ったように、ベースパートのために発明されたのは17弦の箏でした。IMO、13弦箏ですが、それでも確認したいです :scratch3:


    13-string Koto


    17-string Koto





  12. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat



    Max's post in English translated by me roughly:
    Yuzuru HANYU (103.53),for the sixth time in his career, sixth in his last six National competitions, he is first in the Short Program. 
    The performance, considering it was his first after such a long time, was more than satisfying. It has highlighted great potential, but he will need to work on some details.
    In the first part, Yuzuru gave the impression he was understandibly tense and less fast than usual, but from the 3A onwards, he let himself go completely and changed rhythm. The highlight of this performance surely was the Step Sequence, perfectly on the beat, creative, fast and original. 
    Regarding the jumps, 4S and the combination 4T3T were both a little short on the exit, were fully rotated, while the 3A was perfectly executed, yet did not receive, uncomprehensibly, unanimous +5 by the judges.
    The main issues were the first two spins. The flying camel wasn't the best of his career for the quality of execution, while the change sit spin got a no-level call and received 0 points. On why was this call made, it's hard to explain. Seeing the element again and again, the call could have been a Level 3. Surely, the last position seemed short and the one before a little tall. It would be interesting to know the reasons from the one who made the call. Of course, it's hard to believe that the sit-twizzles that came before the element could have been considered the spin itself, because a situation like this would open doors to a variety of dangerous, dubious calls. [...]
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  13. Team Japan
    Team Japan

    Kao Miura FS - Japanese Junior Nationals



    His spins have improved :peace2:


    You can check girls FS too.  Thank you for the uploader.



    And Utana & Shingo :tumblr_inline_n18qrbDQJn1qid2nw:



  14. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    During the COR live broadcast Hungarian commentator and official ISU judge, Noemi Stipkovits, mentioned Yuzu's graduation thesis and talked about digitization in FS:



    Here is my English translation of the Hungarian commentary (please correct me, if I got something wrong):


    ' [Samodurova's] jumps have no height, so I can hardly imagine her to do a quad. We will see in the replays - there you can see the height and distance of the jump better.

    There are endeavors... I don't know how far we will go in the direction of digitization. Hanyu, too - Yuzuru Hanyu has written his graduation thesis about this - how the executed elements in figure skating can be measured more objectively. And the ISU has made efforts, too. There have been TV broadcasts already, where you can see the skater's speed such as the height and distance of the jump. '



    Edit: If I remember correctly, the Ice Scope is an innovation made by Japanese broadcast (Fuji TV?) and not exactly an 'effort by the ISU'... However. I think, it's nice that Yuzu's thesis got mentioned (by an official ISU judge). That means, they have it on the radar at least and don't try to treat it like a cloud of dust.

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  15. Cup of Russia (general thread)
    Cup of Russia (general thread)

    senior ladies SP and senior men SP




    senior men FP, senior RD, senior ladies FP


    junior RD




    senior FD


    junior FD


    junior pairs SP


    senior pairs SP




    junior pairs FP


    senior pairs FP


    junior girls SP


    junior boys SP




    junior girls FP


    junior boys FP


  16. Cup of Russia (general thread)
    Cup of Russia (general thread)
    3 minutes ago, yuzuangel said:

    what time is everything happening? Is there a schedule?


    This is the schedule (Moscow time, UTC + 3 hrs)


    October 10
    13:15-14:00 - Senior Dance RD
    14:20-15:35 - Senior Men SP
    15:55-17:20 - Senior Ladies SP
    17:40-18:10 - Senior Pairs SP
    18:30-19:30 - Junior Pairs SP

    October 11
    14:30-15:15 - Senior Dance FD
    15:45-17:05 - Senior Men FS
    17:30-19:10 - Senior Ladies FS
    19:30-20:00 - Senior Pairs FS
    20:15-21:15 - Junior Pairs FS

    October 12
    13:45-16:05 - Junior Men SP
    16:20-18:00 - Junior Ladies SP
    18:15-20:20 - Junior Dance RD

    October 13
    13:00-15:45 - Junior Men FS
    16:00-18:45 - Junior Ladies FS
    19:00-21:15 - Junior Dance FD


    Results page: https://fsrussia.ru/results/2021/2etap/index.htm

  17. Russian Senior Test Skates
    Russian Senior Test Skates
    7 hours ago, Muralla17 said:

    What time will it be? Thanks!


    I made some calendar events (mostly because I wanted to figure out how to automatically add events via API and it was successful \o/). The times for the free programs seem exactly the same as the short programs in the official YT link, as if they just copied and pasted without changing the dates, so those times might be wrong.


    Short Programs


    Free Programs


  18. Russian Senior Test Skates
    Russian Senior Test Skates

    This weekend, the Russian Federation are holding their traditional Test Skates. 
    The short programs will take place on Saturday, September 12, 

    The Long Programs on Sunday, September 13, 


    Ted Barton will be commentating. 

    Ladies: Evgenia Medvedeva, Anna Shcherbakova, Alena Kostornaya, Alexandra Trusova, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Anastasia Gulyakova, Sofya Samodurova, Ksenia Sinitsyna, Kamila Valieva

    Men: Mikhail Kolyada, Alexander Samarin, Andrey Mozalev, Petr Gumennik, Makar Ignatov, Anton Shulepov, Roman Savosin

    Pairs: Evgenia Tarasova - Vladimir Morozov, Alexandra Boykova - Dmitry Kozlovsky, Apollinaria Panfilova - Dmitry Rylov, Daria Pavlyuchenko - Denis Khodykin, Anastasia Mishina - Alexander Gallyamov, Alina Pepeleva - Roman Pleshkov

    Dances: Tiffany Zagorski - Jonathan Gureiro, Sophia Shevchenko - Igor Eremenko, Anastasia Shpilevaya - Grigory Smirnov, Annabel Morozova - Andrey Bagin, Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva - Yegor Bazin, Ksenia Konkina - Pavel Drozd, Anastasia Skoptshinova - Kirill Aleshin

  19. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    9 minutes ago, LadyLou said:

    I have searched for it but still no idea, so

      Reveal hidden contents


    Look for Tsiganochka, Vengerka and Russian Gypsy tunes. The whole affair has Gypsy flair to it. 


  20. Cup of Russia (general thread)
    Cup of Russia (general thread)
    Russian Cup
    Syzran Moscow Sochi Kazan Moscow
    Samarin (WD) Danielian Aliev Danielian Aliev
    Ignatov Samarin Mozalev Ignatov Gumennik
    Shulepov Gumennik Kolyada Mozalev Kolyada
    Savosin Shulepov   Savosin  


    Syzran Moscow Sochi Kazan Moscow
    Shcherbakova Trusova Shcherbakova Kostornaya Kostornaya
    Sinitsyna (WD) Medvedeva Tuktamysheva Trusova Tuktamysheva
    Medvedeva (WD) Valieva Gulyakova Samodurova Sinitsyna
        Samodurova   Gulyakova


    Syzran Moscow Sochi Kazan Moscow


    Sinitsina/Katsalapov Stepanova/Bukin Stepanova/Bukin
    Shevchenko/Eremenko Morozov/Bagin Zagorski/Guerreiro Skoptsova/Aleshin Zagorski/Guerreiro
    Khudaiberdieva/Bazin Konkina/Drozd Shpilevaya/Smirnov (WD) Shevchenko/Eremenko Skoptsova/Aleshin
        Khudaiberdieva/Bazin Shpilevaya/Smirnov (WD) Konkina/Drozd


    Syzran Moscow Sochi Kazan Moscow
    Tarasova/Morozov (WD) Tarasova/Morozov Boikova/Kozlovskii Mishina/Galiamov Boikova/Kozlovskii
    Panfilova/Rylov (WD) Pavlyuchenko/Khodykin Pavlyuchenko/Khodykin Pepeleva/Pleshkov Panfilova/Rylov
      Mishina/Galiamov Pepeleva/Pleshkov    


  21. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Igor Bobrin spoke about Yuzu a bit in his interview. I will shortly translate his words, but you can google-translate them if you like



    Ханю у Тутберидзе? Он вряд ли будет ввязываться в авантюру

    — Вы работали до Олимпиады в Сочи с Юдзуру Ханю, вокруг которого существует ореол мистики. Каким он вам показался?

    — Он несколько раз приезжал в Москву, не говорил тогда по-русски, только слабо по-английски. Но я всегда в его глазах видел отсутствие безразличия, он подъезжал и уже спрашивал взглядом: «Что так, что не так?» Ему всегда хочется сделать больше. Можно сделать 200, 300 прыжков — но потом начинается пофигизм. Человеку надоедает монотонность. Желание для фигуриста — самое важное.

    Ханю остается уникальным, такой, как он, появится нескоро. Не все так, как он, умеют любить фигурное катание. ISU думает, как изменить правила, повышать ли возрастной ценз, про артистическую программу — а его программы до сих пор у меня вызывают слезы умиления. Посмотрите на его лицо. Он со своей аскетичностью может даже без движения лица показать много эмоций. Это талант. Если у человека есть потребность не только в техническом, но и в чувственном самовыражении, даже японский спортсмен может нам показать пример того, как надо кататься для зрителя.

    — Говорите «даже», потому что эмоциональность не свойственна японской культуре?

    — Да, их поведение мы прекрасно увидели по коронавирусной проблеме — они послушные. Если я прихожу тренировать японца, я становлюсь для него гуру, сэнсеем — человеком, который пришел делать добро. Не только в спорте, а в производстве, где угодно. Я никогда не забуду, как во время нашего отъезда из Сочи он позвонил, попросил проехать через их гостиницу. Вышла его команда вместе с руководителем федерации и молча синхронно отвесила поклон. Так трогательно меня никогда не благодарили. Работники отеля были в большем шоке, чем я.

    — Почему прекратилось сотрудничество?

    — Он уехал в Канаду к Орсеру, там своя команда, свои принципы. Но я вижу, как он в своих программах до сих пор применяет наши с ним наработки.

    — В прошлом сезоне, когда Орсер не приехал с Ханю на финал «Гран-при», в соцсетях рассуждали — а не перейти ли ему к Тутберидзе? Получился бы тандем, как думаете? Сема Уно же пытался.

    — Японцы — мудрые и осторожные люди, ввязываться в авантюры они не будут. У Ханю прекрасный тренер и команда. Думаю, он нашел свою нишу в этой компании. Вместе с ним ездит его мама, как ангел-хранитель. Он не один, у него много друзей. И у него нет повода переходить, он даже с возрастом всем дает фору. Думаю, его боятся.

    Hanyu with Tutberidze. I don't see him taking the risk. 


    Before the Sochi Olympics you worked with Yuzuru Hanyu, who has a halo of mystique about him, what did you think of him? 

    He came several times to Moscow, he didn't speak Russian, and spoke only poor English. But I always saw a complete absence of indifference in his eyes, he always skated up and asked with his glance "What was right and what was wrong?" He always wants to do more. You can do 200, 300 jumps, but then you stop caring. A human being gets tired of monotony. A will and desire is the most important thing for a skater. 

    Hanyu remains unique, we won't be getting another such skater soon. Not everyone is capable of loving figure skating the way he does. ISU thinks how to change rules, whether to raise age limit, about the artistic program - and it's his programs which make me cry with emotion and tenderness. Look at his face. While being ascetic, he can show many emotions even without moving his face. That's talent. If a person has a need of exhibiting not only their technical, but also their emotional, sensitive aspect, even a Japanese athlete can be an example of how a skater should skate for the audience watching them. 


    Are you saying"even' because you think emotionality isn't a feature in Japanese culture? 

    - Yes, we saw their behaviour in the coronavirus situation - they are obedient. If I start training a Japanese, I become a guru, a sensei for them - a person who is only going to benefit them. Not only in sport, but in production too, everywhere. I will never forget that when we were leaving Sochi, he rang us, and asked to visit them in the hotel. His whole team along with the head of the federation came out and silently and synchronously bowed to us. I've never been thanked in such a touching manner. The hotel staff were much more shocked than I was. 


    -Why did you stop collaborating? 

    He went over to Canada to Orser, and he has his own team there and their own principles. But I see him using our practices in his programs still. 


    -Last season when Orser didn't come with Hanyu to the GPF, there were talks in social networks whether he should go over to Tutberidze. Do you think they could work along? Shoma Uno did try, after all. 

    The Japanese are wise and cautious, they won't take reckless risks. Hanyu has a great coach and a great team. I think he has found his niche in that company. His mother goes everywhere with him and acts like his guardian angel. He isn't alone, he has many friends. And he has no reason to get to another coach, he even gets better with age and outdoes everyone. I think people fear him. 

  22. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Please appreciate these masterpieces in their original forms :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:

    Edit: Google Drive links for a compiled video of the original

    Also another side-by-side video


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